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Jun 13, 2016
Oct 1, 2009
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Jun 13, 2016
    1. Mafeking
      ^///^ aww shucks, thanks dude :)
    2. Mafeking
      Hey!! Sure I will, give me like five minutes to send a PM and I'll get on that. :)
    3. Tamahome
      Done, good job.
    4. Lullaby
      Actually I haven't read that much thus far. I've used this one team for a few battles, and it doesn't quite seem to work. I've lost all battles I've gone to :(
    5. Lullaby
      Hi, found you!
    6. Setsuna
    7. Rakan
    8. Pocket
      Thanks, Lockeness :D
    9. Tamahome
      Wow I can't believe I forgot to answer your last VM! My bad, but answering your questions now. The main set in my opinion is Hidden Power Bug - Spikes - Toxic - Rapid Spin. Its function is basically to setup Spikes and Toxic to annoy things. Its partners are basically the standard stall mons like Raikou and Snorlax, I think in this section it would be better if you could use the knowledge you have of the metagame. 'What separates from Cloyster?' is pretty easy to answer, they are way too different! Cloyster is more of an offensive mon, in the other hand Forry is basically almost all defensive.

      Feel free to ask more, but Forretress will need more than 1 set for sure. Rest, Earthquake, Sleep Talk, Hidden Power Fire, Reflect, Light Screen, Curse, and Explosion are all usable moves for that specifc mon. I suggest you to go through Forry's movepool and to study a little more, than you can make a new thread. But again: feel free to ask anything you want about it, I appreciate you ask me.
    10. Stalfos
      Hey, sorry, I just got home. I'll check it tomorrow if no one else gets to it first :)
    11. Mafeking
      No problem, my friend. :D
    12. Mafeking
      Hey! I was out when you posted but I'm home now; definitely can check that for you. :D
    13. Tamahome
      Feel free to VM to ask about anything you want to know about usage, set, and whatever you want to know before actually writing the analysis. Maybe this will reduce the amount of times you have to edit the OP with other people's suggestions.
    14. Tamahome

      Take a look on what I've posted on the Zapdos update. I know it's pretty tough to look at that but next time you're gonna write something, I suggest you to ask someone from the contact list about it. We all appreciate what you're doing with all these revamps cause some analyses on site are way too old, and the metagame shifted a lot, but for some mons like Zapdos, you would have saved a lot of time if you had asked one of us about how it is played nowadays. Keep doing the good job, and thanks for contacting me again, I appreciate it. ;)
    15. time conundrum
      time conundrum
      Hey man i was away for the last 2 days but now im back in action. Ill check your analysis either later today or tomorrow.

      By the way thanks for your engagement - i appreciate it. Keep it up!
    16. Pocket
      It takes quite some time to go through these analyses, so I would have to take a look at yours over the weekend. Sorry for the delay, and it's cool if your analysis is already approved by then.
    17. Oglemi
      No problem man, it's awesome to see someone care about the old gen stuff and finally get them up to speed with the rest of the site content. Keep up the awesome work, and I'm always here if you have any questions!
    18. Ray Jay
      Ray Jay
      Look at you, stellar user.
    19. Tamahome
      Wow it's almost done man, just implement what Crystal and M Dragon said and I'll approve for sure!
    20. Pocket
      Too busy this week to get much work done, so I'll get back to your Skarmory during the weekend.
    21. Tamahome
      I'll prolly do it tomorrow man, there is too many stuff to read there and I'm quite busy right now, but thanks for calling me to do it again, highly appreciated. ;)
    22. Crystal_
      okay no problem. Thanks for taking into account my suggestions. Hope I can continue helping you!
    23. Pocket
      OK, that's good. Then just keep working on it. Make sure to check out my post.
    24. Crystal_
      Hey Lockeness. I made another Skarmory update thread to speed up the approval process. Basically, all that I did was modify some things that I felt they were not completely correct or could be written in what I consider a better way (very similar to the post I made in your thread). Please, have a look at my update whenever you have time, and if you disagree with something, or you are not okay with me doing these last changes, tell me or say it in the thread. Thanks.
    25. Pocket
      Lockeness, you are going to finish the GSC Skarmory revamp, correct? Are you okay with Crystal continuing where you left off, y/n?
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