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Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2016 at 6:29 PM
Sep 27, 2010
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Male, from Germany

:] Oct 1, 2015

Lohgock was last seen:
Feb 6, 2016 at 6:29 PM
    1. Hangover
    2. Elmanzano
      The forum has problems, but our people will run a backup this weekend and it will be functional soon. The date for the start will be a week more late.

      Sorry for annoy.
    3. Demist
      Ok, the server restarted. You can come now :)
    4. Demist
      Hey Loh, wanna play? I'm on PS as demist :)
    5. Demist
      Either Friday or weekend works then, I'll be online from around 8PM to 1AM so it shouldn't be too much of a problem :)
    6. Vrille
      Oh lohgock, I'm available tonight, and the rest of the week (in your hours). However, I prefer playing tomorrow.
    7. Demist
      Hey, loghock, we ard up against in SPL Farm league. I'm GMT+2, and usually avaivable from 8PM to 12PM. I'm also on IRC if you have access to that.
    8. Nova
      K, should work
    9. Nova
      Hi, Im GMT -5, available for most of the day but I will need a few days to get a team ready/test it. Maybe we can battle this weekend?
    10. Finchinator
      20 Minutes and I will be on!
    11. Finchinator
      I will be on at some point in the next 30-45 minutes, if not sooner!
      I will try to get on quicker but, no promises :x
    12. papai noel
      papai noel
      Hey, do you want to battle now?
    13. Finchinator
      That's good.
      I'll be able to see you then.
      (I'll find you on Pokemonexperte.)
    14. Finchinator
      Could we move it back 1/2 hours, if it is Wednesday?
      If not, I can probably make it on around 9pm your time.
      (It is no big deal if you can't move it back, easily work around it.)
      Also, where can you battle? POv2 or Showdown?
    15. Finchinator
      After a bit of schedule movement, that works well!
      I can do it on Tues or Wens, take your pick!
    16. Finchinator
      Hello, we have to battle for the SPL Farm League, Week 1.
      I am GMT -5.
      I will be on all day on Monday - Wednesday.
      and for an hour or so around noon tomorrow (it's iffy, I'd preffer getting it done after tomorrow.)
      On Thursday - Friday, I'll be on from 5PM until 10 PM, my time.
      Then, next Saturday (and Sunday) I'll be on pretty much all day.
      If possible, I'd like to battle on Groudon's Grotto, POv2. (Pokemon Showdown lags, a ton!)

      Please tell me your timezone, when you're active, and where you'd like to battle, asap.
    17. papai noel
      papai noel
      Hey, I'm on GMT-3 and I'd like to battle after the holidays because I'm traveling. But I can still battle even here since I have access to a computer. Just tell me the most suitable times for you and I guess I'll be able to make it.
    18. Living Things
      Living Things
      Jetzt musst du weit kommen in OST9, ich wurde leider schon in Runde 2 gehaxxt, naja Pokemon halt. Hoffentlich hast du weniger Pech als ich, wobei du in letzter Zeit ja auch häufig durch hax verloren hast.
    19. AB2
      Actually I'll just meet you in a few minutes I'll be "asapmob"
    20. AB2
      oh, sorry I missed you. Is it ok if we battle sometime tomorrow or in the coming week even? I don't think I'll be on a whole lot during this weekend. How about sunday or monday at the time that you listed before?
    21. AB2
      Hi, we're paired for ost9 round 2. Please VM me back so that we can schedule something maybe later this week.
    22. JabbaTheGriffin
      can you give me an hour? i have a few things to do first
    23. JabbaTheGriffin
      Yeah that clearly wasn't happening. What times are you free tomorrow? I should be good from 3pm est until like...a very long time after that
    24. JabbaTheGriffin
      nah i have a lot of studying to do. i'm best to play anytime after wednesday afternoon until monday
    25. Jayde
      Have to go right now, but I'll probably be able to battle when I get back at like 2:30 EST (in 4.5 hours) if that's good with you.
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    "For battling strategy, when I play a game of Pokémon I like to have the advantage. A lot of times you hear players talking about needing better prediction. My style (...) does not demand prediction. If I execute properly I will have the advantage. Having a poor team matchup will result in me having to execute at a higher level. To look at it another way, if you need to predict every move then you don't have the advantage. You are just guessing."
    Kevin Garret
    my Twitter | current CP: 460


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    Likes to relax
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