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Lord Moet II
Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2014 at 5:52 PM
Nov 29, 2011
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Lord Moet II

from Money on my mind cause money is all I think of.

is a Past WCoP Winner

Champion in the making. Mar 29, 2014

Lord Moet II was last seen:
Viewing thread Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament - Cycle 3 Signups [READ RULE #3 CLOSELY], Sep 30, 2014 at 5:52 PM
    1. Zeta5
    2. Valentine
      money over everything
    3. Wepwn
      ur not a lord you garbage player
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        who the fuck are you? lol
        Jul 10, 2014
    4. llvallejoll
      when do you wanna play for hoenn cup?
    5. Ojama
      We gotta play for hoenn cup when do you wanna play?
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        i should be free most of today and tomorrow. pm me on irc if you sign on.
        Jun 7, 2014
      2. Ojama
        you haven't been on the whole day =/
        Jun 7, 2014
    6. davidness
      Hi, we are opponents to Ubers xy. When can you play? i'm available in the nights of my country
      My gmt -6
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        im here now if you want to play. Ill be on smogtours.
        May 31, 2014
    7. Navy
      Nigga, we're paired for the XY Ubers. Let me know so i can smash you real quick, GMT-5
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        Ill be on showdown saturday from 8 am gmt - 7 to whenever . u convert it
        May 24, 2014
      2. Navy
        Sounds good. I'll be on after 8pm Later on. GMT-5.
        May 24, 2014
      3. Navy
        hey ill be on smogtours PS
        May 24, 2014
    8. Lord Moet II
      Lord Moet II
      Champion in the making.
    9. blunder
      wts gud ma nigga :]
    10. skulltula
    11. Swamp Link
      Swamp Link
      I'm paired against you in the Farm League, when are you available? I can probably adapt to any time that's convenient for you
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        I'll be on the Po main server most days in the IMP chat as Moet. If you need I'll go on showdown though, just let me know.
        Dec 31, 2013
      2. Swamp Link
        Swamp Link
        It'd be much more convenient for me to go on Showdown, so I'll be online tomorrow. Just say a time and I can be there tomorrow.
        Dec 31, 2013
    13. Zeta5
    14. DetroitLolcat
      You still on? I've been looking for you on #genvuu. I'm on there now if you're up to play.
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        sorry something came up and I wasnt able to get on. Ill be on tomorrow though from like 9 to 12 gmt -7 if u can make that
        Aug 3, 2013
    15. DetroitLolcat
      We're opponents for the UU Open. I'll be pretty active this week so I'm up to play whenever. My timezone is GMT -5 (CST).
      1. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        I can play anytime wednesday through friday and im gmt -7. we can talk on the irc genvuu channel those days if u want
        Jul 30, 2013
      2. DetroitLolcat
        Does Friday work? I'll be on a ton on Friday.
        Jul 31, 2013
      3. Lord Moet II
        Lord Moet II
        yea Friday sounds fine
        Jul 31, 2013
    16. Lord Moet II
    17. Hack
      I subbed you in. You play Funkasaurus, please try to contact the guy at least :)
    18. NightWing
      i can play around 20:00 gmt -3, it would be best if you add me on skype so we can talk (skype: x.extremespeed)
    19. Basti
      you better destroy fakes
    20. NightWing
      which days are you available to play? i'm usually available from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT -3, you can easily convert time here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/)

      i'd much rather play on the weekends (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), since i'm usually busy on week days.
    21. puregenius
      ok bro im gonna need u to play marth by like tomorrow lol
      good luck
    22. Fakes
      When we can ply for WCop
    23. puregenius
      Hey man goes the Internet situation going?
    25. Elmanzano
      IRC, cannel #HPL
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    Money on my mind cause money is all I think of.
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    Loves to eat
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    1464 0728 9987
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