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Lord of Bays
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Jul 9, 2014 at 11:20 PM
Oct 3, 2010
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Jul 11, 1992 (Age: 21)

Lord of Bays


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Viewing thread np: XY UU Stage 2 - Light Em Up [Tornadus: BL | Next: Haxorus}, Jul 9, 2014 at 11:20 PM
    1. RowDog
      Aha, regarding the reply in the Reload thread I meant Sash lol. Mind must have just gone haywire and wrote Scarf instead.
    2. Arcticblast
      >mentioning Stealth Rock in a Doubles thread
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        Yeah... I realized that after I posted. My bad.
        May 4, 2014
    3. hilarious
      Hi we are now playing for UU tour. My timezone is US Eastern or GMT -5. When would you like to play? If you want we can play right now (I think you're online?)
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        Sure thing, let's rock. I'm on Showdown as "BatSol".
        Mar 8, 2014
    4. Shiruba
      would you say that i'm a bad poster and i should really just be someone different?
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        Yeah. Jerk. D=<
        Feb 21, 2014
    5. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      Hi, could I take over your Terrakion All-Out-Attacker analysis?
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        Go ahead.
        Nov 18, 2013
    6. Darkhound
      hey bro will you please add my FC and give me yours to add, 2337-4159-9569
      I'm trying to build up my friend Safari and could use all the help i can get, Once I have a large repertoire of Perfect IV poks I will start doing give away's especially to my first FC friends who helped made it possible.
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        I don't have a 3DS right now.
        Nov 2, 2013
    7. Shroomisaur
      I think you know Greninja pretty well! Grass Knot really has me thinking, what would you drop for it? Would you consider it over U-Turn?
      1. Lord of Bays
        Lord of Bays
        U-turn. I know it's terribly tempting to keep it, but we're dealing with a Pokemon that very nearly 2HKOs the metagame indiscriminately. Revenging it is actually not QUITE as difficult s we're sometimes making it out to be (he really does have the world's worst case of 4MSS), but because he hits so damn hard I don't think U-turn will be all that useful. This is kind of hard to explain, gimme a minute.
        Oct 21, 2013
      2. Shroomisaur
        Yeah, actually check the Greninja thread, I did more calcs and I totally agree :)
        Oct 21, 2013
    8. ginganinja
      not at all, I was just wondering if it was getting worked on that was all!!
    9. ginganinja
      Are you still doing Meloetta?
    10. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

      (lol i wanted to drop the subject, but that backfired)
    11. SuperChillarmy
      Ah shoot, that's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out. At least i still got an answer haha
    12. Dark Fallen Angel
      Dark Fallen Angel
      Oh, thanks! I had that idea because some people on Facebook were posting this joke and I couldn't lose the opportunity
    13. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      it's bullshit and idk why i post anymore
    14. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

      There's nothing we can do about it, sadly. I'm glad you've decided to take up the best tier in BW.
    15. SMZ
    16. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

      I plan on talking more in my next podcast appearance (hopefully)
    17. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      yeah thomas has a sick voice. and koloss is a fucking great album man.
    18. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hehe yeah...whats your favs off the album? i like bleed and pravus
    19. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      Its OK. Besides, I was messing up with the wording in the post, since frailty would have been a better word to use.
    20. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      You seem to be very nice, kinda like PTJon7.

      Sorry for being a bit complicated at times, but I try to post reasonable content.
    21. LilOuOn
      I feel so sorry dude :[ I'm gonna finish it, already started writing it, the problem is that I can write small parts per day because I got an Extended Essay to do, but I'll do an extra effort.
    22. alexwolf
      Glad you liked it :D What's the whole team, if you don't mind telling me?
    23. PK Gaming
    24. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      oh hey, i forgot to respond

      yeah staraptor owns, i was being dumb
    25. TaBuu
      true that man.
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    Clear Skies UU 2014. Except sand and hail, I guess.


    Jul 11, 1992 (Age: 21)
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