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Jan 29, 2015
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. Musica
      I guess I can, but something's wrong with my game and it's generating a different delay each time. >.>
    2. Lawliett
      Alright, cool just let me know when
    3. Jinzoo
      Okay, I do this stantler. :) how many credits got I?
    4. Lawliett
      Hey I can finally get the celebi and jirachi to you now if you'd like, but I'll need a cloneback on the jirachi
    5. Jinzoo
      Hm okay zuchtmoves stantler? nature? ability? ivs?
    6. Jinzoo
      I have a delibird from Fenix and its semi redi, ivs flawless and shiny zuchtmove iceshard and rapidspin. :)
    7. Jinzoo
      What for a BP?
    8. RockinX
      You have two leftover credits from the BP, so you can pick up those two pokés tonight.
    9. Radius
      Okay. I only RNG about 3 pokes per week so I'll be sure to add that one to my list of upcoming projects and I'll get back to you k.
    10. Radius
      I dont have an AR:/ So timid Kyogre is all I'll have for now. Last night I RNG'd Suicune also. Perfect IV's, TIMID, Burned Tower location. I'm not that into shinies so most of my RNG pokes won't be shiny. Except maybe Giratina, Gliscor, and Gallade. They look pretty cool shiny. But yeah let me know bud.
    11. reklaw_vahn
      Obscenely easy is right!!!!

      Edit: So you know, the thing Bitterlemon and acetrainer do is really only possible with an emulator so it is technically not fully legit. Basically you will have to let everyone know that is what you did with the Pokemon because what they do can't be done with the game cartridge...
    12. mattj
      Oh... apparently bitterlemon and acetrainerx understand, but I don't. I don't think the Reporter is set up to search PIDs and stuff yet.
    13. mattj
      *so as not to spam DMP anymore ;)*
      The downside is that we don't have a way to search for good seeds. OmegaDonut figured out how to do that for CGear seeds, which are different. Non-CGear abuse basically boils down to arbitrarily restarting your game on a given second, finding what MTIVRNG seed it gives, putting that in Researcher, and then looking down the list of frames to see if there's actually anything good in it or not. However, Kaphotics wrote a sweet lil Excell app that searches frames superquick once you found any arbitrary seed, which really helps with non-CGear abuse. But, the nice part is that once you've found a seed, you really don't even need RNG Reporter anymore. It's OBSCENELY easy! :3
    14. Alphabet123
      i released the wrong charmanders! The one i kept doesnt have DD :(
    15. Alphabet123
      that's dumb... i hate repeating people's breeds
    16. Alphabet123
      That's probably what I'll do first, then I may do adamant later.
    17. Alphabet123
      Do you think I should use an Adamant Dragon Dance Charmander, or a Jolly one?
    18. FbO
      ok then no problem
    19. FbO
      can u clone and trade now?
    20. FbO
      can u clone?
    21. Buckert
    22. zdrup15
      Hey, what's up?
    23. FbO
      Ill take the Giratina for it. Can u clone?
    24. Azlanslayer
    25. Alphabet123
      I was getting used to it at one point, and at times, i dont do too bad, then i hit bumps in the road.
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