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Jan 29, 2015
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. Alphabet123
      no, i just suck XD
    2. Alphabet123
      what do you mean by find the right time.
    3. Alphabet123
      no, pikatimer good.... RNG just likes to troll me.
    4. Alphabet123
      pretty good i guess.... as long as im not about to ragequit because of rng at some times lol.
    5. Alphabet123
    6. Chinchar
      Where´s my birthday present???^^huahuahauha
    7. Chinchar
      Tomorrow is my birthday(35 years old)
    8. Buckert
      Thread looks good mate :) I'm nearly finished with all the EV training, and I have a nice update for over a few weeks :p I've now got all the Eeveelutions, Shiny ^^ Will put them in the thread when I've got an EV'd version as well. :)
    9. Chinchar
    10. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Yeah, I'll probably do something like that when I open BPs again. For now though, must breed and train faster.
    11. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      It's not really any extra for me to make something shiny, so I probably shouldn't charge for that. +1 extra for Smeargle breeding because I hate struggling to get a Smeargle to learn what I want it to. ; A; I might not even keep clones in the future, since I don't really use them.
    12. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Currently, the price is keeping a copy of the resulting mon, AKA free. :p I originally set it as that to drum up business.

    13. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Oh, good luck with that! I'm thinking about raising the price on my BPs even though I know that'll make a lot of people unhappy. :x
    14. Shining Kestral
    15. Buckert
      Damnit mate, I was reordening my boxes xD No I've got 6 boxes for EV'd Pokémon and 2 for UT ones :p the rest (10 boxes) are TOTALLY filled up with Pokémon I caught during the game :p including 27 Unowns and 9 Ditto's xD

      3 of the 6 boxes for EV'd are full already xD Goes fast :p
    16. Wally92
      thanks man. just vm me
    17. (makeup)
      fawk cause my good computer is being repared right now and it's the only one with mIRC and Java. If you can find another way to get on without java or mirc then I can come on but i probably can't come on for another few days
    18. Wally92
      Hey Lux, would you mind if i used some of my credits on your Shiny Giritina with HP fire?
    19. BattleStar
      but why they are essentilly the same fine then
    20. BattleStar
      but came on fine grrrrrr
    21. BattleStar
      want to be promoted to head scientist in neo TRC or NTRC for short
    22. RockinX
      At first I thought you meant that it happened in 4th gen. I can't wait for the release of BW.
    23. RockinX
      You mean you Baton Pass Agility to Noctowl? How do you pull sweeps with that? Or do you BP Butterfly Dance?
    24. RockinX
      Well, can you think of anything weirder than an NU Pokémon? XD Recover is an HGSS move. I also have a Wooper with that one, I think.
    25. RockinX
      Well, there's the Water Spout Squirtle and an Aqua Jet Feraligatr. Also the Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Recover Keckleon.
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