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M Dragon
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May 26, 2015 at 6:28 PM
Jun 12, 2008
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December 9

M Dragon

The north wind

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M Dragon was last seen:
May 26, 2015 at 6:28 PM
    1. WhiteQueen
      heya wanna battle for that adv tourney? i'm gonna be online till the tour
    2. steelphoenix
      Okay, so it's the last day we can play for MUTE, and you have yet to tell me your timezone, where you want to meet up, and when...

    3. Jorgen
      POCL match time?
    4. Prague Kick
      Prague Kick
      we have to play for spirit league, I can play on evenings (I'm gmt+2)
    5. Danilo
      dont forget to play your MUTE game
    6. Jorgen
      Are you able to fight of POCL tomorrow afternoon (roughly, idk, 1pm GMT -5)? No particular reason I can't to do it today, I just kinda don't feel like playing Pokemon today. If you can't play tomorrow I can certainly make time to play this afternoon.
    7. steelphoenix
      Hey when do you want to play for MUTE? I'm GMT-5 and online on weekdays usually anywhere from 4:00 PM to 7:15 PM, and potentially anytime for weekends.
      1. steelphoenix
        Whenever you're ready.
        Oct 13, 2013
    8. McMeghan
      hey Mdrag, since you said you wouldn't have XY before Friday, do you think we could play tomorow (on thursday) for the FSL?

      I have some school stuff to do and it would be great for me to play tomorow spluirc

      spluirc spluirc?
    9. SOMALIA
      Hey M Dragon, regarding the battles what day will suit you? I can do the battles now if you wish or the next two days. Thanks again for volunteering man
    10. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i will try to wait
    11. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      how soon can you play then? i go to bed soon
    12. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey if you are online now we can play on grotto
    13. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      ok good! glad we got it sorted out. see you then :)
    14. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      can't play then, will be at language camp. wednesday at 7 pm gmt +1?
    15. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      okay how about tuesday around 3 pm gmt +1
    16. Lowgock
      we are gmt+2 when do you guys have time for the ghosting tournament?
    17. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      well that doesn't work for me, sorry. i am available every day this week except sunday. find a time that works for me.
    18. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      that's the ~only~ time you can play? because i might not be available sunday. like, at all.
    19. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey when u want 2 play for pocl? im gmt +1 and avail friday-sunday or some nights
    20. EPL Champs
      EPL Champs
      hi we're opps for the lc open, im always on ps and po as epl champs. my gmt is -5
    21. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      marinara dragon
    22. Danilo
      19:48 MDragon what?
      19:48 MDragon "m dragon, guess that im losing to"
      19:48 MDragon what did u mean

    23. truedrew
      Love yo battles man
    24. GCSChris
      Just a quick question: what exactly should I do to get artwork for my tournament? I noticed that there is a "The Artiwork for Tournaments Thread" over in Smeargle's Studio, and I made it sound like the TDs handle it. Is that the case or do I have to just ask and artist to make a piece for my tournament?
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        No, hosts request art themselves
        Aug 31, 2013
      2. GCSChris
        ok thank you
        Aug 31, 2013
    25. Qwilphish
      hey were fighting for Ubers Open sorry for asking so late for this. Im open anytime after 6:30 PM or between 2:00 and 3:30 anyday this week. These times are in GMT -7
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