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M Dragon
Jun 12, 2008
Trophy Points:
December 9
    1. aim
      FOLLOW ME BACK :[[[[
    2. Sas0
      Dragon tengo un problema, e intentado hacer log in en mi cuenta que es @saso y no me deja y he tenido que hacerme otra nueva :l si podrias ayudarme a recuperar esa cuenta, y no me he equivocqdo en nadq me dice error todo el rato.
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        Tienes que hablar con un administrador, yo no tengo acceso al panel de control
        Jul 19, 2014
      2. Sas0
        Vale gracias me podrias decir algun administradpr?
        Jul 19, 2014
    3. HeIIraiser
      how will tiebreak work?
      (ignore dekzehs post, he is trolling)
    4. Subject 18
      Subject 18
      Nice trophy :]
    5. el poeta
      el poeta
      uy. purpura
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        así es
        Jul 5, 2014
    6. Leftiez
      tssss, ugly trophy
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        n, its best
        Jul 5, 2014
    7. trc
      the trophy is finally here
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        y :)
        Jul 5, 2014
    8. Robert.
      tengo que ponerle sub a juanpa? (va 0-0)
      1. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        búscame por IRC y hablamos por ahí
        Jun 30, 2014
    9. time conundrum
      time conundrum
      yo we gotta play for superstars still can you make it tomorrow after ~8 pm gmt+2 somehow?
    10. babaGAReeb
      sup Mariano
    11. Prankster.
      Congratulations on winning that trophy old friend. Very proud of you. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am in DPP today if it wasn't for your help back in the day. Nice to see you achieve. ~Twiisted
    12. kael
      Hey bro when you can to play
      send your time zone
      send you stay avaible.

      i am on every day in mirc /irc channel #wcop
      search for me
      my timezone gmt -3

      i can to play always 10 pm in my timezone
      But i prefer to play on the weekend 10 am
    13. davidness
      man cuando podemos jugar el sabado por estoy muy ocupado estos dias temprano.
    14. #Bastian
      Hola amigo , me podrias decir que paso con la seleccion de chile?? porque no sale en los matchups?? gracias :)
    15. Erza98
      I support Leftiez but it promises to be a great final ! Good luck M Dragon !
    16. Hangover
      gl y éxito para la final del ST , ojalá ganes ;)
    17. kd24
      can u make an exception about weakest eligibility if that player has nowhere else to go? my mothers side is canadian and us east is full. that'd make canada my weakest, but they already have 2 weakest players. i know its kind of bending the rule but my primary is locked.
    18. VallejoMC.
      So dragon, cuando jugamos por la hoenn cup?
    19. Reymedy
      Hola muchacho !

      are you available today for the superstar ? Ill back from work at 8PM GMT+2 and connected on frenchtime PS! server. But I can be on smogtour if that fits you better.
      Hasta la vista.
    20. kael
      i need to talk with you

      please search me in mirc skyallker
    21. Brosb4Ho-ohs
      i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
    22. Stathakis
      superstars when?
    23. Marshall.Law
      Hi, when do you want to play ? Does friday/saturday work for you ? I can't play sunday tho
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Marshall.Law
        and this afternoon ?
        May 31, 2014
      3. M Dragon
        M Dragon
        alternative is battling a bit earlier (like 2 hours earlier), but i can't promise anything,
        May 31, 2014
      4. Marshall.Law
        Okay np, let me know
        May 31, 2014
    24. PNF
      So when do you want to get this done ? I'm on smogtours
    25. Sweepage
      Get off your lazy ass and post the damn thread i told you about -____-.. Cmon mdrag
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    December 9
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