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M. Rock
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Jun 22, 2013
May 21, 2010
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M. Rock

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Jun 22, 2013
    1. RockinX
      Oops, forgot to add you code.
    2. RockinX
      I can't find the pokés I wanted to Pokéshift, so let's trade on 4th gen first.

    3. RockinX
      Oh, it's no trouble at all, I do have some pokés of mine to transfer. Let me try to do it as fast as possible, hold on.
    4. RockinX
      Of course it is. I do have two pokés to pokétransfer, so we can do whichever you'd like. Just let me know, but if I have to do the pokétransfer, I have to take a little longer.
    5. RockinX
      Sorry I wasn't able to trade yesterday. I had computer issues. Now I can't find the Chansey on any 5th gen save file. Would you like to trade for it on 4th gen?
    6. Cereza
      No problem
    7. Cereza
      1163 8384 2759

      See you there
    8. Cereza
      Give me a few minutes to transfer it then
    9. Cereza
      Tell me, do you want it on gen 4 or 5?
    10. RockinX
      I can't trade ATM, I'm not sure I'll be able tonight, but I'll be available tomorrow. If I do have time tonight, however, I'll let you know.
    11. RockinX
      Hi, I usually don't trade with those who don't have threads, but since you've traded with some people I know and they haven't complained, then I'll give you the Chansey for the Keldeo. What nature is it, BTW?
    12. Cereza
      I'm actually getting ready to go to work! :(

      That means I won't be able to trade until tomorrow afternoon!
    13. frogoholic101
      Thank you very much!
    14. frogoholic101
      I'm coming on now.
    15. christopher_ 1942
      christopher_ 1942
      Hey, M. Rock. I tried out the Landorus and would you believe it, it works. Thanks so much for the Pokemon. You know, I was wondering to use that Pokemon in Double Battles in his Therian Forme with the use of Intimidate and it's spectacular power. Still, a Pokemon's a Pokemon. Take care and treat my Salamence with great respect for me, okay?
    16. christopher_ 1942
      christopher_ 1942
      That's fine by me. I'm already on Wi-Fi waiting for you with my EV Trained Moxie Naughty Salamence. I nicknamed her Belinda by the way,
    17. christopher_ 1942
      christopher_ 1942
      Ah, okay. Whenever I looked at that move I thought it can't learn that. My mistake, didn't know that Landorus can also be a ticking timebomb.

      Anywho, I am playing on my Pokemon Black 2 Friend Code along with my Salamence for trade. However, I need to be sure if it's 100% legible on his summary and has the access to Random Wi-Fi battling. Sorry, it's just that I'm so sensitive to ROM-made Pokemon and cheating. I'll be waiting on Wi-Fi just in case.
    18. christopher_ 1942
      christopher_ 1942
      Hi again. Once more I'll be honest. I am not into those kind of Pokemon that are just legitlly made by roms like PokeSav and PokeGen. It feels like cheating...For instance, I try and upload a battle video on Wi-Fi it says there was a problem with a Pokemon which it cannot upload. I breed Pokemon to create my Pokemon teams. So, as long as your Landorus has the correct details eg date, ID and where it was obtained and have battle videos uploaded to Wi-Fi successfully, I would be happy to trade my Moxie Adamant Salamence for him. Just saying.

      Oh yeah, as I looked at your Landorus on the website you showed me, why does it have Explosion?
    19. christopher_ 1942
      christopher_ 1942
      Hello, I got ya message and thank you for the support you gave me back there. So, I found out that you have a Landorus for trade. In that case, which Pokemon I offered would you like to have in return? Well, to be honest, I'm no Psychic type so I don't know what you like.
    20. BattleStar
      Have a Merry Christmas!
    21. voodoo pimp
      voodoo pimp
      It's somewhat predictable, I suppose. I initially suspected Trick Room rather than Scarf, but knew that Friend Guard + Water Spout was going to be involved somehow.

      It could work, but the problem is that a 25% damage reduction isn't that much, so Water Spout is going to lose power pretty quickly if you fail to OHKO everything (which you often will, considering there are quite a few popular Water resists and Jellicent's SpA is pretty average especially with a neutral nature), leaving you locked into a weak move by about the second or third turn unless you switch it out. You'll definitely need a good team to support it for the occasions where it doesn't work out.
    22. Husky7
      Yo, M. Rock do you have a female DW bagon with outrage by any chance?
    23. DGX
      it's ok im doing all my self so it good
    24. Helba
      I thought it was the weekend I just got one from Poke check.
    25. DGX
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