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Feb 7, 2013
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Male, from Under TROP's Bed

is a Contributor to Smogon

Won't be active for a while due to IRL problems. May 18, 2014

    1. Magcargo
      The knights of War
    2. Namso
      Hey just so you don't overlook it, I edited my post on your Exeggutor thread with another concern.
      1. Magcargo
        Thanks man.
        Jul 30, 2013
    3. BattleStar
    4. ZandgaiaX
      Y u liek my liepard iz so awesum post?
    5. TROP
      I agree fuck druddigon
    6. Steelicks
      we shall see, i'm a deputy principal so i'm always very busy with work... but it would be cool to play again =)
    7. DittoCrow
      The Exeggutor set looks pretty good, I'll QC it after it's written :)
    8. Steelicks
    9. ginganinja
      I will give u 5 of the worst: infernape / metagross / cloyster / donphan / haxorus
      Best are prolly shit like: Keldeo, Politoed, Dragonite, Zam, Breloom, Venusaur, Latios, Scizor, Landorus-T and then it gets tricky. Maybe Cube or Volc or something.
    10. Molk
    11. Molk
      (continued from the last vm) The last 3 slots should be used for SR and covering things like Entei/Emboar/escav/gallade etc. For example: Snover/Golurk/Escavalier/Slowking/Subsplit Rotom-F/Scarf Glaceon is a pretty effective hail offense team.
    12. Molk
      well atm hail offense is pretty good and should win you the majority of matches if you play carefully (one of the reasons why hail is being suspected). Using Snover+2 Blizzspammers as an offensive core is pretty effective because one blizzspammer can usually do enough damage to the opposing team to open them up to be cleaned up by the other blizzspammer.
    13. Vertex
    14. Worldtour
      Oh I didn't realize that :/
    15. Worldtour
      I'm not great at OU but Ill try to give my opinion

      1. Keldeo, 2. Tyranitar, 3. Politoed, 4. Landorus, 5. Ferrothorn, 6. Terrakion, 7. Celebi, 8. Jirachi, 9. Starmie, 10. Latios

      And for the bottom ones Im only giving 5 because I can't think of very many bad things. Even then I only don't really like 3 them

      5. Haxorus 4. Metagross 3. Jolteon 2. Donphan 1. Cloyster
    16. Molk
      uhhhh theres a list of QC members that can give QC checks on the forum, so i'd suggest messaging one of them to request a QC. (some of the RU ones aren't super active though :s). Dittocrow might be willing to check your analysis given he has a lot of experience with exeggutor.
    17. Vertex
    18. Vertex
      Oh, you wan't to delete the post you made on my Ubers analysis. You can try deleting all your text, but I don't garuntee it'll work.
    19. Vertex
      You can't, only the staff can.
    20. Molk
      thanks :)
    21. Molk
      hey, i posted some comments on your lum berry exeggutor set, i didn't get to respond to the vm you sent me before but imo you did a pretty decent job on your first analysis :)
    22. ScraftyIsTheBest
      Well, the thing is Blastoise has heavy competition from the other Water-types, Rapid Spin being his only advantage over them (if it didn't have spin Blastoise would be NU worthy). Hitmontop is not the greatest Fighting-type but the cool thing is that aside from guaranteeing spins with Foresight, CC also does some reasonable damage to Froslass and to a lesser extent Mismagius.
      1. ScraftyIsTheBest
        Honestly though, the choice between Hitmontop and Blastoise is all dependent on the team, although both are rather lackluster outside of spinning.
        Jul 11, 2013
    23. Gary2346
      No idea lol. Most of the battles I've gotten into have all been anti climactic.
    24. False Sense
      False Sense
      Yes, but now that S.C.O is gone, Smogon just feels so dull now... There just isn't that much to do right now, at least for me.
    25. False Sense
      False Sense
      Yes, it truly is. So much time and effort put into it, only to have it all destroyed... Well, we had a good time while it lasted, at least.
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