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Okay, Male, from Under TROP's Bed

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GOT SMASH 4! Oct 3, 2014

    1. False Sense
      False Sense
      Oh, don't worry about it. The group as a whole isn't particularly active anyway, so you shouldn't feel bad for not participating as much, especially if you were preoccupied with other work. How are the analyses going, by the way?
      1. Magcargo likes this.
      2. Magcargo
        Pretty good. I ace the QC stages, but I make a lot of grammer errors :P
        Aug 5, 2013
    2. ScraftyIsTheBest
      Hey I saw your vm from last night. Anyways, as far as I know, the only thread that shows the badges so far and what they're awarded for is in a forum only accessible by badged members, though if you'd like I can PM you about what all the badges are about.
      1. Magcargo likes this.
      2. Magcargo
        I asked in the SQSA thread and some on told me where I can find it. But thanks anyways :).
        Also, i wanted to thanks you again for that guide on writing analyses.
        Aug 5, 2013
    3. Sashay
      Your avatar XD
      1. Magcargo likes this.
      2. Magcargo
        I feel bad for he blue guy.
        Aug 5, 2013
    4. JoshuaMunoz
      Lolol i havent used Mandibuzz in any matches yet. :o

      And i remembered i had a team with LumRest Eggy for like 1 month without changing anything. Offensive LumRest Eggy is sooo good months ago, idk now though :/
      1. Magcargo likes this.
      2. Magcargo
        I'm pretty sure ts gotten worse because of jynx and co. , but its still pretty good.
        Aug 4, 2013
    5. Sashay
      Good to play you today :)

      Hope we can play again soon
      1. Magcargo
        Yeah, me too :)
        Aug 3, 2013
    6. Mizuhime
      team testing, had no way to win and rockslide spam hurts my team
      1. Magcargo likes this.
      2. Magcargo
        Oh, okay. GG anyways :)
        Aug 3, 2013
    7. InsaneDragoniteHD
      I followed you :3

      How are you ?
    8. InsaneDragoniteHD
    9. Oglemi
      don't ask for that, it'll happen when we get to it
    10. Magcargo
      The knights of War
    11. Namso
      Hey just so you don't overlook it, I edited my post on your Exeggutor thread with another concern.
      1. Magcargo
        Thanks man.
        Jul 30, 2013
    12. BattleStar
    13. ZandgaiaX
      Y u liek my liepard iz so awesum post?
    14. TROP
      I agree fuck druddigon
    15. Steelicks
      we shall see, i'm a deputy principal so i'm always very busy with work... but it would be cool to play again =)
    16. DittoCrow
      The Exeggutor set looks pretty good, I'll QC it after it's written :)
    17. Steelicks
    18. ginganinja
      I will give u 5 of the worst: infernape / metagross / cloyster / donphan / haxorus
      Best are prolly shit like: Keldeo, Politoed, Dragonite, Zam, Breloom, Venusaur, Latios, Scizor, Landorus-T and then it gets tricky. Maybe Cube or Volc or something.
    19. Molk
    20. Molk
      (continued from the last vm) The last 3 slots should be used for SR and covering things like Entei/Emboar/escav/gallade etc. For example: Snover/Golurk/Escavalier/Slowking/Subsplit Rotom-F/Scarf Glaceon is a pretty effective hail offense team.
    21. Molk
      well atm hail offense is pretty good and should win you the majority of matches if you play carefully (one of the reasons why hail is being suspected). Using Snover+2 Blizzspammers as an offensive core is pretty effective because one blizzspammer can usually do enough damage to the opposing team to open them up to be cleaned up by the other blizzspammer.
    22. Vertex
    23. Worldtour
      Oh I didn't realize that :/
    24. Worldtour
      I'm not great at OU but Ill try to give my opinion

      1. Keldeo, 2. Tyranitar, 3. Politoed, 4. Landorus, 5. Ferrothorn, 6. Terrakion, 7. Celebi, 8. Jirachi, 9. Starmie, 10. Latios

      And for the bottom ones Im only giving 5 because I can't think of very many bad things. Even then I only don't really like 3 them

      5. Haxorus 4. Metagross 3. Jolteon 2. Donphan 1. Cloyster
    25. Molk
      uhhhh theres a list of QC members that can give QC checks on the forum, so i'd suggest messaging one of them to request a QC. (some of the RU ones aren't super active though :s). Dittocrow might be willing to check your analysis given he has a lot of experience with exeggutor.
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