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GOT SMASH 4! Oct 3, 2014

    1. hathater
      Was it funny? Did you even watch?
    2. hathater
      It's really cruel but funny
    3. hathater
      Do it, it's f*ckin funny
    4. hathater
      At least you didn't steal like a scrafty, my avatar is Zayn Malik, look up al qaedirection
    5. hathater
      ok, here :jump:
    6. hathater
      *sniff* YES! I'm friends in the heart! YES! I'M A MILLIONARE!
    7. hathater
      *sniff* you weren't my friend all along?
    8. hathater
      happy 400 posts
    9. Tobes
      I don't have much experience with Tornadus-T in Ubers, so I'd advise checking out the analysis here.
    10. TaBuu
      LOL Hey. If you really wanna see that guy in B-Rank for it!
    11. TaBuu
      It's got nice coverage I guess. But remember that it's locked into one move and it's probably going to be abusing it's STAB, as Hammer Arm leaves it susceptible to Revenge-Killing and Thunder Punch isn't all too powerful, not to mention it lacks super coverage. Things like Heatran, Skarmory, Forretress, Ferrothorn, Keldeo, Landorus, Thundurus-T, Politoed, Gyarados and so many other things can use the locked CB Metagross as set-up fodder which is super deadly for any team.

      And it's nice to know that AgiliGross can reliably deal with Fighting Types but uh... I don't think that's big enough to outclass some other Pokemon. Honestly, AgiliGross should only be used when you can't afford to compound certain weaknesses or you need it's Steel Typing for some defensive coverage. Honestly if you want a sweeper to deal with Fighting Types check out Special RP Landorus. This guy resists Close Combat and Focus Blast and can afford to use Psychic if you really must, though his Earth Power should be more than enough along with HP Ice.
    12. TaBuu
      well I'd be careful before saying that it can work wonders. Metagross doesn't exactly have the ideal Band set and it's kinda easy to stop if you ask me. In fact it's deadlier for that thing to be locked into one move. Agiligross probably works better late-game but then again, why use him when you have access to things like RP Terrakion, Landorus and SD Lucario? Even Scarfed Keldeo can act as a more reliable cleaner
    13. TaBuu
      TBH I don't know. I did lose to a Metagross the other day 1-0 cause it outsped my Landorus-T. It's pretty situational IMO. Rarely do I ever struggle to take down a Metagross. But I mean, it definitely has its perks as a Stealth Rock setting, Bulky Offensive Pivot.
    14. Gary2346
      Go ahead lol. I changed it almost entirely as soon as I posted it, so TECHNICALLY it's not mine anymore. Other then Amoonguss and Kyurem himself, everything's different. Just don't use it against me when you battle me lol, and also keep the nicknames if you don't mind.
    15. Fatecrashers
      RBY, GSC, and RSE have all or will undergo testing, and will be implemented soon.
    16. Memphis Grizzly
      Memphis Grizzly
      Hydreigon is a total beast, though not my fav competitive though. Flight risk for them Close Combats.
    17. Gary2346
      Well you posted in the new thread...so you didn't miss anything lol.
    18. Memphis Grizzly
      Memphis Grizzly
      Thanks! But Tyranitar and Volcarona over all :) Yours?
    19. The Unlucky one
      The Unlucky one
      i don't think you saw my point there. I highly believe that now is the time to do it as so many changes will be made and the list will never stabilize (at least almost never)
    20. ScraftyIsTheBest
      Actually I'm convinced Dusclops may be good in RU. His strong defenses and Ghost-typing make him a great spinblocker and he can stall out common spinners, particularly Kabutops and Cryogonal. He also has some resistances to take on threats such as Gallade and Scyther and can overall be a decent wall and spinblock. Roselia+Dusclops may actually be common on defensive teams since Roselia can reliably spike while Dusclops can spinblock on a lot of spinners. I'm sure Dusclops might actually be good in RU. Also, Dusclops dropping to RU will mean Dusknoir falls to NU, which may also make people happy as Noir has commonly been regarded as one of the worst Pokemon in RU.

      Dusknoir may actually be good in NU as well really. Those defenses and Will-O-Wisp make it a good check to Sawk and EQ allows it to handle Skuntank, unlike Misdreavus. Dusknoir could also check Gardevoir and friends with its set. LO+TR could be good as well and be common on Trick Room teams. Dusknoir should probably trade places with Golurk and Scolipede on the tiering list; dropping Dusknoir to NU would renew his long lost niche as the best fully evolved Ghost-type, and hence the best spinblocker, in NU.

      Too bad Noir had to suffer from being a Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none Ghost-type. But anyways that's just what I think about how they would fare.
    21. namehtmas
      perhaps a bit of a hyperbole but thanks :P
    22. Brock Obamasnow
      Brock Obamasnow
      I don't see why not....
    23. Gary2346
      Well he's not completely outclassed, however Infernape I feel like fills a different kind of niche in this meta game. Victini and Darmanitan are MUCH better on offensive sun teams because they can KO half the tier with Flare Blitz and V-Create. Infernape is still decent on a sun team, however he seems to function as more of a Choice Scarf user, Stealth Rock suicide lead, and a Mixed Attacker. His mixed set is still pretty good, however it HAS to be used with Ninetails. Overheat needs all the extra power it can get. I just feel like Darmanitan functions more on Sun teams as a nuke, while Victini also functions as one of the best users of Choice Band under the Sun. Infernape is more of an offensive pivot then anything else. He's still decent, but not that good.
    24. TaBuu
      TBH I'm focusing on beating the 1st half of 3D land right now. However, I've gotten to the second/third mission in Dark Moon
    25. dcae
      Oops lol. Thanks, I changed it.
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