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Mario With Lasers
Last Activity:
Mar 26, 2015 at 6:44 PM
Nov 15, 2006
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Mar 22, 1992 (Age: 23)

Mario With Lasers

Self-proclaimed DEAD king, Male, 23

is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus
Mario With Lasers was last seen:
Mar 26, 2015 at 6:44 PM
    1. NixHex
      Cool man.
    2. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      congratulations dude. Your avatar is fucking fitting right about now.
    3. ShinyAzelf
    4. Oglemi
      Congrats MWL, well deserved
    5. SJCrew
      Dedicated, maybe? Ha ha ha. :D
    6. SJCrew
      6,000 posts and 12 friends. This will not do. Add another!
    7. uzumakisempai
      hello would you mind trading me a dieno?
    8. Darkaxis
    9. .CarloO~
      Hello, we need play UnSUSPECTed Metagame tournament which is your timezone and on which days and hours are you able to play? I'm at GMT -4:30
    10. Darkaxis
    11. LeviLamprey
      Tee-hee! Sorry! ^_^
    12. LeviLamprey
      NOOOOOOO, YOU STOLE MY SEEDOT+WAILORD SCENARIO BEFORE I COULD POST IT IN THE TRIVIA TRHEAD! This. Means. War! Not rly, but can you imagine a Seedot crawling through the Wailord's Fallopian tubes or a male Wailord inseminating a Seedot? o_O
    13. Paradoxus
      Lol you logged off at 5999 posts, POST, POST I SAY
    14. Squid Ninja
      Squid Ninja
      Não sabia que você era brasileiro.
    15. Virizion
      Just so you know - Syclant's stategy Pokédex lists the second set's recommended nature as "Naïve" when the moveset doesn't slash in any physical moves. IIRC, the set is Naïve | 252SpA/252Spe/4Atk | Blizzard / Taunt / Earth Power / Spikes. The analysis also messes up and says that Megahorn is on the moveset (and also, the first set says that "Megahorn can't be learnt anymore", but I think that's because of an egg move or something - I don't know much about CaP)

      Telling you this because the mods would care more about your opinion than mine.

      Also, I see you trollin' by giving Syclant 121 Spe.. you must hate Starmie
    16. Virizion
      Are you certain that it doesn't have to use it? Whenever I taught Rotom-W something over Hydro Pump, it turned back to normal Rotom IIRC.
    17. Virizion
      Well, Espeon has Morning Sun, which is good since Drought is nice in UU.

      Also, Xatu is weak to both of T-Tar's STABs, but Espeon is only weak to one, so I'm not sure where you're going with that lol
    18. Virizion
      Regarding your post in the Round 4 Suspect Testing thread - Why give Xatu as an example? It has absolutely terrible stats (My EV'ed Magic Bounce one has like, 334 HP and 268 Speed as its highest stats), and the only thing that it should be used for (Magic Bounce) is abused better by Espeon, at Base 110 Speed.

      Didn't reply to you in the thread as I felt that this wasn't worth posting there, as it would add (almost) nothing to the thread.

      Also, your avatar is awesome and a few months ago, your posts semi-inspired me to finally sign up.
    19. Genmagius
      Thank you sir for your signature. Saved my day. Randomly read it today while at work, and couldn't wait to get home and verify my espeon's status. TOTALLY RIGHT you were...
    20. Oni Spumoni
      Oni Spumoni
      I was looking up stuff about dream world exclusive moves and saw you comment about some of the stuff. Your name on here and profile pic combined made me laugh so fucking hard at 11:03 in the morning that I fell out of my computer chair and had troubles breathing for about 4 minutes.
    21. lmitchell0012
      Do you have pokemon black by any chance?? I'm looking for cottonee and vullaby (yes, I've resorted to sending random people VM's to find these).
    22. Oglemi
      omg I love your avatar

      also happy belated birthday!
    23. Chieliee
      2 things:

      1. Happy Birthday of course
      2. Do you mind if I have this in my signature?

      (quoted by you)Fuck evolution, Tropius needs to learn Banana Meteor. (qoute)
    24. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy Birthday.
    25. hanke
      parabens iruel!
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    "(...) The mega, the fairy, the genie — who lives and who dies? Who will the swordsmon obey? It’s a riddle without an answer, or rather, too many answers. All depends on the sword pokémon."
    "And yet it is no one. It has neither HP nor Speed nor Sp. Atk boosting moves, only a piece of pointed steel."
    "That piece of steel is the power of stalling and fainting."
    "Just so... yet if it is the swordsmon who rule us in truth, why do we pretend our megas hold the power?" (...)
    "Here, then. Brokenness resides where Smogon believes it resides. No more and no less."
    "So brokenness is a prankster’s trick?"
    "A shadow on the wall, yet shadows can OHKO. And ofttimes a very small pokémon can cast a very large shadow."


    Mar 22, 1992 (Age: 23)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    DP Friend Code:
    0731 3192 4007
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    4126 1115 1603
    3DS Friend Code:
    4785 5369 4018
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