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Apr 9, 2011
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    1. hellpowna
      Hello! We should play for SWC, we have the same GMT. I'm often available from 3pm to 6pm and 10pm to 12pm during the whole week. Lemme know when you can play :)
    2. Nachos
      Sup, I'm good to play any day next week pretty much, apart from Sunday. The week after that I'm not available, but I will be fine for the 3rd week, which is when I'm most keen on playing due to irl commitments. My timezone is GMT+1 and I'm fine most times, but the best for me would be:

      12pm-11pm Thursday 13th June
      12pm-11pm Friday 14th June
      4pm-11pm Monday 24th June

      Followed by 2pm-12pm from the 24th to the deadline.

      Best of luck.
    3. MarceloDK
      We have 2 days to play for the sequels are never good. I have to go away on friday, so shoot me a time for tomorrow (anytime between 3pm-8pm GMT-3).
    4. Pedrock
      We're paired by that carrot tour. When can u play? I'm free pretty much anytime at noon and evening til Sunday, bcuz it's an extended hollyday here in Brazil. =]
    5. Blue Eon
      Blue Eon
      The deadline was yesterday, but if is possible play, I can today 16:00-18:45 or 21:00 - 22:00 of our GMT
      1. cbt likes this.
    6. babidi1998
      because 6% on the turn i protect and 6% on the turn you kill me
    7. babidi1998

      abomasnow protect then die 12%
      heatran protect then fodder jira 12%
      heatran protect then die 12%

      so at the minimum 36% + whatever hpump does

      nevermind, good luck i guess
    8. babidi1998
      starmie was max satk. dual hail protects with tran and aboma wouldve let me win i think
    9. babidi1998
    10. babidi1998
      play now please..
    11. babidi1998
      ok cool. sorry about the confusion. see you there!
    12. babidi1998
      only if you are bang on time, cause i gotta get up early the next day
    13. babidi1998
      so like 10 am your time?
    14. dragonuser
      ok i will be on grotto
    15. dragonuser
      I can play at pretty much any time this weekend besides 1-5pm EST, so let me know whens good for you
    16. babidi1998
      lol i misread your VM

      i thought you meant 22 hours from now (so we would be fighting right now). sorry it was confusing

      i can't make that time. it is 8 am for me and if i'm up i'll be watching the champions league.

      can you make this time tomorrow?
    17. babidi1998
      we are gonna have to play around 30 mins later than initially planned
    18. Pako
      Ok, see you today from 21:00 to 23:00
    19. babidi1998
      actually i am fairly confident i can make that. just may have an interruption due to dinner
    20. babidi1998
      hmm yep i think

      no promises though
    21. Pako
      Well, I see you didn't read my last post, Can you play tomorrow Thursday at 18:00?
    22. Pako
      Sorry for not answer you. Can you play tomorrow at 17:00?
    23. Ernesto
      I meant my PO, lol. I'm slow testing.
    24. Ernesto
      Oh thanks, I was having trouble loading the team to PO because it deletes my moves and items fsr. Also it's in Spanish, lol.
    25. Ernesto
      Uh, ok. I'd rather play on PS! because I'm more accustomed, but whatever, no problem.
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