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Mar 27, 2012
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Apr 22, 2014 at 9:49 AM
    1. Masterclass
      Also lol at this ''GO CTC''

      If i were you i'd deleted. Believe it or not around the smogon community, everyone who knows you.. knows you as ''CTC's bitch'' rofl. You need to change that image bro, get off his small asian penis.
    2. Masterclass
      Fucking garbage lmao!
      Stop getting knocked out bitch lmao!
      Nice red trophy enjoy it for the next few days lol!
      Nice getting to round 6 man, too bad that doesn't mean shit lol!
      You're a nobody on smogon, and sadly you will remain one. A trophy-less one.
      1. Marth
        Nice essays bro, do you have anything else to do?
        Mar 29, 2014
    3. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      You missed our time. Hope everything is ok. I guess we can plan for Friday or Sunday at the same time.
    4. TV-Rocka
      Wanna rematch it today?
    5. TV-Rocka
      Hey, we have to play OST. My timezone is gmt +1, tell me your times.
    6. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Let's set it up for Thursday at 9pm EDT, which I believe is 1am GMT, but you might want to double check that. Friday and Sunday can be alternatives if that does not work out.
    7. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Hi old friend. It appears we are opponents for SPL 5 Semifinals. I'm EDT and will be available Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at a variety of times. Let me know what times you can be available.
    8. Conflict
      yo when we gonna play for spl week 9?
    9. Labyrinthine
      yo. we're opponents for OST. I'm GMT+11 and available most of the day during weekends and limited during weekdays (5:30pm+). it'd probably be best for us to play on a weekend. when are you available?
    10. d0nut
      Since you're on now we can play if you have time.
      1. d0nut
        Or if i just missed you then maybe give some times you will be able to play.
        Mar 2, 2014
    11. yan[sogeking]
      Sorry, I couldnt get on the time you said, im having lots of problems to solve this week. =p
      is it possible we play on saturday? I can play any time you want.
      If its totally impossible I can make it Sunday and Friday night.
      Thursday I will be p busy, but if you can only play this day I can try showing up at night.
    12. yan[sogeking]
      so, I will have my computer again tomorrow (wednesday), so give me your schedule so we can play.
      I can play mostly at 6~11 pm gmt-3 and kinda any time in weekend if scheduled before.
    13. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey looks like we finally get to play that match! im gmt -7, can play whenever just find me on irc
    14. Imanalt
      so how does monday at roughly 1 pm my time (6 pm your time i believe) work?
    15. Imanalt
      so liek we have to play for once upon a team tour, im est and available most evenings, hbu?
    16. LuckOverSkill
      I can most likely play every day around 6-7 pm GMT+1, I can also play in the early afternoon (1-3 pm); I can't play on saturday and today :[

      actually, if you give me precise times I can most likely do it whenever (still exclusing saturday, and most nights are unreliable times for me), so just tell me a good time for you
    17. Furai

      2 TOURS
    18. HellPowna
      in case you forgot that..I LOVE YOU!!
    19. BKC
      welcome to us east bro
    20. Furai
      dont get banned ily
    21. NahimC
      Correction, 8* XD
    22. NahimC
      Hey bro, heard u were really pro xD Wanna join my clan? We could really use you :p We have like 7 other pros, u might know some of em :P
    23. PROBLEMS
    24. panamaxis
      i'm done with exams now so i just have to build a team and then i'll let you know (not sure how long it'll take atm). Can you let me know your availabilities and timezone in the meantime?
    25. DestinyUnknown
      I could be banned!
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