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  • Hey buddy Adm. empoleon told me you made his signature and i thought it was really good was wondering if you could help me make one =D
    Thank you in all the languages in the world.
    I hope I didn't give you a hard time when I requested my avatar.
    Could you make a banner + avatar of this?
    Edit out the url at the bottom and the three bubbles with different characters.

    Scratch that last post, I will show you the picture I want probs tomorrow i Science if we have that. Thanks anyway though.
    Can you create a banner with this.
    ^The New Doctor who nobody likes but I don't mind.

    Can you make it all spacey and such.
    I recently bred a Adamant Larvitar. You can have that, because I already have a lv 100 CBTar. In that case run a physical set.
    Hey, I'm gonna change my name to Gunman because I was listening to that just then. I was going to change it to Blackheart in honour of the worst film ever, but thought better of it.
    Actually that is not a bad Battle Tower Team.
    TTar cover Ghost, Dark weakness on Rotom. Rotom covers Electric weakness and fighting weakness of Gyara and TTar respectively and Gyara covers ground and fighting TTar weaknesses.
    Tyranitar beats Rotom-A.
    Rotom-A beats Skarmory, Forretress, Vaporeon, Suicune.
    Probs Rotom-H
    All these pokemon beat Gyara so yah
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