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Dec 18, 2014 at 11:59 PM
Feb 4, 2011
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Oct 9, 1995 (Age: 19)
Edmonton, AB


UU's Workhorse, 19, from Edmonton, AB

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Has twitter now! Expect lots of UU stuff! Follow @Smogon_Mazz for everything kokoloko does, but doesn't tell you! Sep 17, 2014

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Dec 18, 2014 at 11:59 PM
    1. TPO3
      I would make a team with the new guys on it. I just don't want to use the same team for all three games (if it goes to three.)
    2. EonADS
      True enough. It's just something I find reasonable. I do think that Giga Drain shouldn't be listed over Leaf Storm. It's just not powerful enough to replace Roserade's main STAB.
    3. EonADS
      By that logic, running Giga Drain at all is stupid, because placing it over Leaf Storm is worse than pointless, Roserade can't hit anything hard enough without Leaf Storm. And I've had success with Giga Drain in the third slot over Roserade's coverage options on two different teams. I can even go ahead and collect logs if you'd like.

      Hm. Interesting.
    4. EonADS
      Clearly, you are missing my point. What I meant was that you would NOT run Giga Drain over Leaf Storm, which is beyond stupid, and would instead run it over the extra coverage options. You attempted to turn that down by presenting Nidoking, Bisharp, Crobat, and Bronzong as reasons that is a bad idea. I showed those calcs to show why that isn't true. I never said anything about placing Giga Drain over Leaf Storm. You did.
    5. kokoloko
      Same as the other one, for this if you want. Feel free to say no and I'll have someone else do it, though!
    6. TPO3
      Just to clarify for the mini tournament, we don't HAVE to use any of those pokemon if we don't want to, right? I mean I will, but since it's two out of three I might wanna switch it up to a team that doesn't use any of them.
    7. Wobbanaut
      I'll give you Wobb soon too ^.^
    8. Raseri
      Kyurem was banned before staraptor :)
    9. Omicron
      In a few days of possible, I just got back from China and started school so I need a few days to recuperate and get stuff in order. Is that all right with you?
    10. TrollFreak
      mom came in my room and bugged me for TWO

      Want me back on IRC?
    11. kokoloko
      I have a task for you :) It's really easy and you get extra credit.

      Implement the second GP check into this analysis please. The guy went inactive like 20 days ago so yeah...

      I already did the overview, but I got bored, and I know you're a workaholic, so yeah.
    12. The Heracross Myth
      The Heracross Myth
      Mazter, any chance i can talk to you on the chat for a second.
    13. KingTorterraXIV
    14. KingTorterraXIV
    15. Harsha
      just keep working and someone will nom you for sure ;)
    16. Harsha
      heh, just look at zebraiken - smods after less than a year ;)
    17. Harsha
      it'll come with time haha
    18. Harsha
      check the moderator box, lol
    19. TheMexican
      Sorry to hear about your grandmother :(
    20. Bryce
      Of course :)
    21. Bryce
      sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away.May she rest in peace.
    22. TrollFreak
      Hope you're okay with losing your grandmom mazz, sorry for your loss
    23. The Heracross Myth
      The Heracross Myth
      not by that pokmone, it was in your team but it did nothing. much like my kingdra
    24. Bryce
      Alright.Let me know your timings.I am GMT+6 and can be usually available around afternoon-evening and late night on some days(including thursday and friday)
    25. Bryce
      hey,we got paired up for the tutee tourney.VM me the times you are available.Do u have skype?
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    Oct 9, 1995 (Age: 19)
    Edmonton, AB
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    Strong willed
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    2236 7346 3727
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