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Jan 29, 2015
Feb 4, 2011
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Oct 9, 1995 (Age: 19)
Edmonton, AB


UU's Workhorse, 19, from Edmonton, AB

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Has twitter now! Expect lots of UU stuff! Follow @Smogon_Mazz for everything kokoloko does, but doesn't tell you! Sep 17, 2014

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Jan 29, 2015
    1. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Any time you can hop on irc or shoot Jabba a pm to get your SoF match done, I'd appreciate it.
    2. TrollFreak
      Alright then, sounds about right
    3. TrollFreak
      Well, SBF was a bad idea to begin with, but I wonder if he changed guilds after Guilds War 2
    4. JabbaTheGriffin
      hmm i'll be free during the day (est) today and tomorrow. but nights i'm not sure about. saturday and sunday i should be free both days and nights.
    5. TrollFreak
      No actually, what did he do the comp section?
    6. TrollFreak
      Stuff been going good bro, I got stuff to write for RU, VGC stuff, and school stuff

      Hbu man?
    7. TrollFreak
      Me died, busy with school work and college crap bro
    8. DittoCrow
    9. DittoCrow
      It was already written :x
    10. Harsha
      it's all good, whats up man? haven't seen you in a while
    11. -Voltage-
      TBH I had actually made an account a long time ago, and this was it.
    12. -Voltage-
      Lol you're funny.
    13. DittoCrow
      no problem!
    14. DittoCrow
      Hey since hail is unbanned in RU can you write up Regice? :p
    15. Redew

      Sounds LAME.
    16. Redew
      Mystery Zone??????????
    17. Redew
      Ooohh. Training on Mt. Silver, I see.
    18. Redew
      Oh, I haven't seen you on in forever.
    19. Redew
      Where at >:(
    20. cim
      it's alright if you have a specific huge raikou / zapdos weakness and need stealth rock and will-o-wisp. might just do 252 / 252 though, cause HP Flying is getting more common
    21. cim
      can you explain to me your camerupt evs? I've always used max hp max sdef, just wondering if there was a point to def investment
    22. jynx
      Oh, they're just joking around...

      I think.
    23. Notelobo
      Hey just a small note about your Haryiama review in the RU section =)

      I'm just going to leave a small note about the addition of Elemental Punches in BW2.

      Haryiama could obtain them from Emerald Version move tutors in the Battle Frontier. I remember because I ran one on my in game team and I spend hours upon hours getting the BP to teach it to him.

      That's about all, just a technical error.

      Hope this doesn't bother you or seem like I'm telling you I'm better or something silly. Just thought you would want to know ;)
    24. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Takes 85% max against +2 Megahorn. My mixed evs are 252 HP / 100 Def / 156 SpDef Impish (lol about the inverse of my Camerupt evs), and allow it to take all Mew expect Nasty Plot w/ FB (it can 2HKO at +2), and that is checked well by Snorlax. Testing it over Rotom now, and its pulling weight.
    25. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Found a Pokemon that goes great over Rotom in Back in Orange and solves a ton of problems! Mandibuzz brings more stall, checks SD Hera (I have mine ev'd to always survive a +2 SE, but it would die in recoil), counters Scrafty (and Krook), and actually stall breaks like a slow Crobat with Taunt (I've run into small trouble with other stall teams).

      Edit: herp and counters Psychic types well, which is why i thought of it.
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    I'm back!


    Oct 9, 1995 (Age: 19)
    Edmonton, AB
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    Strong willed
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    2236 7346 3727
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