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Oct 25, 2014 at 3:50 PM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

is a Tournament Directoris a Forum Moderatoris a Tiering Contributoris a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL Winneris the Smogon Tour Season 14 Champion
McMeghan was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Oct 25, 2014 at 3:50 PM
    1. lacerta
      tbh I just thought it sounded pretty, I promise I'm not a reptilian! So what's the story behind "McMeghan" then?
    2. kingmidas
      Uh sorry about taking so long to respond we my team is only on a certain time at once, and we decided this weekend would be great for us, just respond with what time on the weekend would be great. Also name the server we don't really care as long as it is on PS
    3. gookie
      u got any replays bro. . .?
    4. kokoloko
      the fuck do you have a frontier brain symbol for wtf
    5. CTC
      MCNIGGAN :{)}
    6. Funkasaurus
      Muy Patético.
    7. Bloo
    8. sebixxl
      ok, my lappi crashed, so i can only play on ps. do you prefer any server?
    9. sebixxl
      ok no po anymore, if you wanna battle, hit me up here please
    10. sebixxl
      i´d be on, hanging out on the po server pokemonexorzisten
    11. sebixxl
      Ok tonight after 9 pm should work.
    12. sebixxl
      I´d be on now, maybe u too?
      if not, i´d have time tomorrow the whole day, but unsure at nighttime (you suggested 9pm =( ) . just write me tomorrow :)
    13. Worldtour
      i'm on ps! if you want to battle now

      i think its past 9 in gmt+2 but if not then later is fine - just message me when you are ready
    14. sebixxl
      any time?
    15. sebixxl
      Hy mcmeghan, we are pairedfor the carottes tour:-)
      When do you wanna play?
      (we are both gmt+2)
    16. Versace Python Cased
      Versace Python Cased
      Do you want to battle in 3-4 hours? I'm heading home from a tournament. I see you're online so yeah
    17. Versace Python Cased
      Versace Python Cased
      Lmfao I was in call with a few friends and I accidentally loaded an NU team, plus I had Snow Warning Abomasnow from import because that's the only Abomasnow allowed in UU on PO, so they told me to say that lol
      1. Versace Python Cased
        Versace Python Cased
        When is best for you? I know you're a frontier brain so it might get kinda hectic I figured
        Aug 9, 2013
    18. Furai
    19. Versace Python Cased
      Versace Python Cased
      Hey we're paired up in the UU Open. I'm GMT-4 and am free most Weekdays. I'll look for you on IRC #pokemon or just tell me whatever IRC channel you're on. I'm also on the PO Server in IDM Channel if you want to arrange a time then. Commonly under ßasedVictory or CasedVictory.
    20. Kelsey
      Ah ben du coup j'aurai pas le tps de le contacter+jouer avant la deadline donc prends ou donne-lui l'activity win ^^
    21. Kelsey
      Coucou on doit jouer pour le fuk BW, tu serais dispo ce soir pas trop tard? (je vais pas pouvoir jouer à partir de demain jusqu'à vendredi et vu que la dl est mercredi :/)
    22. Hot N Cold
    23. Kenny
      opponents for highlander tournament, im feranfell but got name change
      anyways ive sent in my pick and am usually available 12pm-12am EST
    24. Audiosurfer
      hey, we're opponents for the les carrotes tournament. when do you wanna battle? im gmt -5 and am usually on #doubles, #pokemon, and/or #neverused
    25. MikeDecIsHere
      You're not cute enough to be the Pike Queen, plus I don't think you have a thing for Brock. :|
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