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Last Activity:
Oct 31, 2014 at 2:50 PM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

is a Tournament Directoris a Forum Moderatoris a Tiering Contributoris a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL Winneris the Smogon Tour Season 14 Champion
McMeghan was last seen:
Viewing forum Tournaments, Oct 31, 2014 at 2:50 PM
    1. Furai
      did you also find it funny that you're mentioned in the ubers modding group
    2. Massi
      Yeah, I can. I will be online at 11 pm on skarmbliss!
    3. Massi
      I am going to work early in the morning and after that I will be out until sunday evening :/
    4. Massi
      Nope, sorry :s Do you want to play on sunday evening? Like 10 pm (GMT+1)?
    5. Massi
      Hey dude, wanna play the VGC matches right now?
    6. CrashinBoomBang
      mcmeghan is a dumb bitch

      yes i mean the topic you put into that 1 chan
    7. Kiry4n
      pokespain is down so do not know if you can still contact around
    8. kokoloko
    9. Kiry4n
      and I have the team play at your convenience
    10. Goddess Briyella
    11. undisputed
      dropping by to say that's a sweet logo
    12. Furai
    13. Kiry4n
      team today makes me. You can play today?
    14. Furai
      i didnt know u played soccer!!! O: i hope u scored w/ that kick
    15. Terraquaza
      wanna play for vgc tournament?
    16. Kiry4n
      I need to create the computer. As soon as you take notice and play when you can.
    17. Biosci
      You know the deadline is Thursdqy right ?_?

      And im actually scheduled to go into work those days ._.
    18. Biosci
      So I checked my work schedule and Ill be free to play pretty much anytime in the next few days if you can let me know when you're free to play.
    19. TV-Rocka
      Haha, man you're awesome!
      To call you "freewin" was pretty hard, sry. I played very much with Biosci and he's a great team builder and a good player, but I also know if you concetrate on something, it's difficult to beat you as well.
    20. kokoloko
      lmfao that is so fucking amazing
    21. TV-Rocka
      Is this you?
    22. Biosci
      On weekdays if I'm working, I won't be able to play from 8 am to 5 pm my time. Otherwise my schedule it usually pretty free. If I go into town, I would just be gone from about 8 am to 11 am my time. I usually go to sleep somewhat early, like about 10 my time, but I can be willing to stay up until like 1 or 2 if you can make a time around then. There really isn't much else to know about my schedule lol

      You can contact me better on IRC too since I'm on there close to 24/7 because I usually just leave my home computer on.

      Thanks, you too!
    23. kokoloko
    24. Biosci
      So looks like we have to play for the vgc tourney, when are you free to play? School is over for me and I have a holiday on Monday, so I'm free from pretty much now until Monday and I don't have work Tuesday either so then might work too. My work schedule comes out Tuesday so I won't know until then if I can play Wednesday or Thursday. We're exactly 12 hours apart(GMT -10 myself) so it'll be a little awkward to schedule, but yea. Just let me know when you can play!
    25. Chieliee
      wow wtf since when do you have such a fancy badgeset

      also maybe it's a good idea to advertise the #benelux channel in your sig, since only 10% of people read your post in wcop signup thread
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