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Aug 28, 2015 at 1:14 AM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

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McMeghan was last seen:
Aug 28, 2015 at 1:14 AM
    1. Fakes
      Dis You got Gay like Blue
      Look at your Name Rofl
    2. bro fist
      bro fist
      do u like dancing w/ the stars
    3. LuckOverSkill
      then Sunday it is, I won't be at home tonight either (nor this afternoon :[ )
    4. LuckOverSkill
      yeah i will most likely not be available :[
    5. LuckOverSkill
      That's fine, although I am not 100% sure I'll be at home, if I'm not, I'll let you know
    6. Eos
      <3 McMeghan <3
    7. LuckOverSkill
      that's fine, where will I find you? PO or showdown? and what server?
      1. McMeghan
        PO Main?
        I'll be on IRC as well if you don't mind going there.
        Oh and i'll surely be on the french PS server: http://frenchtime.psim.us/
        Oct 29, 2013
      2. LuckOverSkill
        well I'm banned from PO main, and going on IRC with limited internet isn't exactly the smartest idea :[

        I'll get on french time around that time, if you want to play on PO any other server is fine :]
        Oct 29, 2013
      3. McMeghan
        Ok no problem. I may be ready tomorow, and in that cas I'll leave you a VM.
        Oct 29, 2013
    8. LuckOverSkill
      I should be free from tomorrow until sunday for basically every day bar Thursday and Saturday, but you'll need to give me a specific time as I have limited connection, I'll check Smogon as much as I can :]
    9. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Hey, we're matched up for STAB Mania. I'm GMT-4 and I'm available pretty much every day now. I can do from 3-10 PM on weekdays on practically all day on weekends. You can find me on IRC.
    10. Jorgen
      Do you have your GSC log vs. Colchonero? That's one in particular I'd like to see if you have it.
    11. Chronic Smash
      Chronic Smash
      GL dude,hope u win and watch out 4 strong mons
    12. cbt
      lets play for gsc sometime tomorrow/sunday around tour times y/n
      (i can play after 20.30 your time on weekdays if it doesnt happen between now and then)
    13. Colchonero
      PO server is fine, anyway, i'll be here at that time.
    14. Colchonero
      What about to play tomorrow at 10 pm (GMt+2)?
      If you can't and need to play earlier, just tell me
    15. LuckOverSkill
      hey :] we are opponents for MUTE, I'm GMT+2 and I should be ready by next week, I'm mostly free in the evenings
    16. Colchonero
      Sorry, but i've been ill all the day and i wasn't on due to that, i'll ask for an extension if you agree, because i'm stil ill with fever and atm tired.
    17. Reymedy
      loic m'a dit que tu voulais me parler, vu que fs etait down et que je suis busy de ouf en ce moment j'ai pas trop cherché a etre actif (ax m'a meme pas contacté de toute façon, donc je me disais que c'etait pas trop pressant)
      vu que PS! est down jte vm, jvais voir demain vu que ce soir j'etais dispo trop tard
    18. Ciele
      your claim is false n_n
    19. Chronic Smash
      Chronic Smash
      im on PS rite now on the main server as Xenoblade911 if ur interested in battlin now
    20. jumpluff
      McMeghan ♥
    21. Manaphy
      I'm in a car give me a few minutes I want to get this done too lol
    22. Manaphy
      I'll be able to go on IRC in a bit so stay on!
    23. Myzozoa
      hi im on now
    24. Manaphy
      We gotta get this battle done lol
      I'm free from 2 to 10 est tomorrow
      Can I ask that you PM me when you're ready?
    25. GCSChris
      Just a reminder that you need to get your match done for the No More Legends Tournament
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