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Aug 25, 2010
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    1. sebixxl
      I´d be on now, maybe u too?
      if not, i´d have time tomorrow the whole day, but unsure at nighttime (you suggested 9pm =( ) . just write me tomorrow :)
    2. Worldtour
      i'm on ps! if you want to battle now

      i think its past 9 in gmt+2 but if not then later is fine - just message me when you are ready
    3. sebixxl
      any time?
    4. sebixxl
      Hy mcmeghan, we are pairedfor the carottes tour:-)
      When do you wanna play?
      (we are both gmt+2)
    5. Cased
      Do you want to battle in 3-4 hours? I'm heading home from a tournament. I see you're online so yeah
    6. Cased
      Lmfao I was in call with a few friends and I accidentally loaded an NU team, plus I had Snow Warning Abomasnow from import because that's the only Abomasnow allowed in UU on PO, so they told me to say that lol
      1. Cased
        When is best for you? I know you're a frontier brain so it might get kinda hectic I figured
        Aug 9, 2013
    7. Furai
    8. Cased
      Hey we're paired up in the UU Open. I'm GMT-4 and am free most Weekdays. I'll look for you on IRC #pokemon or just tell me whatever IRC channel you're on. I'm also on the PO Server in IDM Channel if you want to arrange a time then. Commonly under ßasedVictory or CasedVictory.
    9. Kelsey
      Ah ben du coup j'aurai pas le tps de le contacter+jouer avant la deadline donc prends ou donne-lui l'activity win ^^
    10. Kelsey
      Coucou on doit jouer pour le fuk BW, tu serais dispo ce soir pas trop tard? (je vais pas pouvoir jouer à partir de demain jusqu'à vendredi et vu que la dl est mercredi :/)
    11. Hot N Cold
    12. Kenny
      opponents for highlander tournament, im feranfell but got name change
      anyways ive sent in my pick and am usually available 12pm-12am EST
    13. Audiosurfer
      hey, we're opponents for the les carrotes tournament. when do you wanna battle? im gmt -5 and am usually on #doubles, #pokemon, and/or #neverused
    14. Style_Dota
      You're not cute enough to be the Pike Queen, plus I don't think you have a thing for Brock. :|
    15. Mr. Uncompetitive
      Mr. Uncompetitive
      Yo we're playing for the UU Open.

      I'll be ready to play next week, Monday-Friday. I'll be available 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM GMT -4. Does Tuesday at 3:00 PM (my time) sound good?
    16. Colchonero
      Hey, what about to play now?
    17. kokoloko
      v that guy 6-0'd you GG
    18. Zephir
      I, I follow, I follow you back
      Deep sea baby, I follow you

      (je me reconvertis en posteur de messages music-homoseks)
    19. Eagle4
      I'm free tomorrow. Say, 3PM GMT (5PM where you live)?
    20. Colchonero
      Hi and sorry, but i'm not very active these days. What about tomorrow? If you can't, Monday or Tuesday also works for me.
    21. ModestGarchomp
      Hey, sorry I have been inactive(due to work). I will be online for the majority of the day tomorrow, so pm me whenever you get on irc tomorrow.
      1. ModestGarchomp
        Just realized that the dead line was on wednesday. Gl in Round 2.
        Jul 20, 2013
    22. Django
      Where r u anyway
    23. Django
    24. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Yeah, definitely, I can meet you on there.
    25. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Hey, I'm GMT -5, so this shouldn't really be hard to get done. I can play all next week anytime from 9 AM - 5 PM (GMT -5) if that works for you.
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