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May 30, 2015 at 10:59 AM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

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McMeghan was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, May 30, 2015 at 10:59 AM
    1. The Hitman
      The Hitman
      hola, we're matched up in the ying yang tournament, NU this round. just let me know what times work for you. i'm free most days except mornings, so hopefully we can hash something out. eastren time zone btw
    2. Omelette du FireMage
      Omelette du FireMage
      Hey McMeghan - been slightly busy the past few days. Wednesday was horrific and mIRC decided to be a twat. (I refuse to use mibbit - it's disgustingly horrible.) and mIRC refuses to work even now! Anyway, I should be able to battle you tomorrow evening (for me) I'll try and give you a nudge on IRC if I can but, uh keep an eye out for me on Showdown otherwise.
    3. rekt
      honestly i dunno
    4. rekt
      ill go on PO all day for the next few days, just send me a message on there if you see me. i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday so i should be able to reply pretty quick
    5. FelixMinamimoto
      Heh, don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I've actually been really busy, but when I get home tomorrow night I'll post.

      I'm sure I can catch you on irc or something after tomorrow to play, you're not hard to find at all and I'm on daily.
    6. Fatecrashers
      welcome to the shitlist

    7. Omelette du FireMage
      Omelette du FireMage
      Hey McMeghan, considering you've beaten Pillsburydoughboy you now have the pleasure of beating me in Dual Weather! I'll need to re-build my team (PS! annoyingly deleted my teams) When would be best or us to meet and play?
    8. DarXidE
      alright cool, let me know when ur done
    9. Stone_Cold
    10. DarXidE
      hey, when can you play for single pokemon tourny?
    11. Delko
      Castle Valet McMeghan, well that's a free win >:p
    12. AlphaJolt
      We are paired up for the BW2 tournament. I'm GMT-5 and have a fairly flexible schedule. When can you play?
    13. doughboy
      I can't find that server? Maybe its because I am on PO2. If you have PO2 I'll be on grotto. If not I can come into PO1 easily
    14. doughboy
      are you on now is this idling on the forums o.o
    15. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      Stronf Caitlin.
    16. doughboy
      that's fine. I've been on the same channel and will be on the look out
    17. doughboy
      hey McMeghan I know you are on irc and all but I have been on in the past few days and haven't seen you. its late but maybe we should try schedule a time? What is a good time for you in the french timezone?
    18. kokoloko
    19. Ojama
      pm irc dès que tu peux
    20. ikarus
      what the FUCK
    21. undisputed
      hey man, we need to play sometime for the tiering director thing. im currently out of town and my only wifi is at safeway, so we should play after saturday. ill have a team ready to go by then i believe.
    22. Ojama
      Je need ton aide ce soir vers 21h peut etre avant. Pour info, mon adversaire a le pseudo Lucarios sur le ladder, ça te dit quelque chose ?

    23. superpokefan
      hi im new here is there anyway anyone here could rate my team i posted under OU? I would appreciate it:)
    24. pokebasket
      sorry for the wait, now i am on GGrotto
    25. pokebasket
      well, i am on in the GGrotto's server of the new PO version

      I'll be able to battle in a while
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