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Mar 27, 2015 at 6:16 PM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

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McMeghan was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Mar 27, 2015 at 6:16 PM
    1. Funkasaurus
      Smog is fine.
    2. Funkasaurus
      I'm ready, can you do it now?
    3. Funkasaurus
      We're paired for No Johns, when do you want to get the match done?
    4. Nexuz
      Yo i got crappy net. Get on PO
    5. Noodlez
      meghan lets play ru tour im on su
    6. Nexuz
      Sure Will do
    7. lacerta
      Thanks McMeghan! :D Didn't even know until I read my VMs :o
    8. Nexuz
      We are paired in the bo3 tournament
    9. Bloo
      My ears will never be the same after having those words travel through my ear canals.
    10. Bloo
      J'ai utilisé "belle" volontairement ;)
    11. Bloo
      Je ne sais pas, je parle un peu français.

      Vous êtes très sympatique et vous êtes plus belle que les étoiles, tout comme WoR.
    12. Pkrs
      ready? i´m on SU server
    13. Bloo
      Tournaments aside, don't even get me started with McMeghan's ability to seduce the vast female population of Smogon. Simply scroll down his wall and witness two females fawning over his oh so soothing French accent and thug-like Lil Wayne demeanor.

      There's a reason McMeghan has a red trophy: the red symbolizes the blood of all of the individuals he defeated to earn such a prestigious prize, and whenever he's thirsty, he takes a little sip out of his king-sized trophy, with his pinky lifted up like a fancy man, to refresh himself.

      Do I need to say any more? I don't think so, because this guy's swag speaks for itself. Challenge this man at the risk being embarrassed in front of his numerous fans.
    14. Bloo
      McMeghan? A named feared by the entirety of the tournament community.

      Earthworm? Three Trophies? Who gives a fuck.
      reyscarface? This tour season's Donald Trump? Boring, zZzZz.

      None of these names are as interesting and dynamic as McMeghan. Let me tell you guys a little something about Mc "the ladies fall for me as soon as they stare into my eyes" Meghan. Whenever someone sees that they're matched up with this, as many have called him, "Beneluxian Wonder", their bodily functions simply stop working, because they have already realized a fact: they are incapable of defeating Belgium's official sex symbol, and know that they'll lose in the span of 7 turns once they face this man. All this 19 year old stud muffin has to do is click a few simple buttons (with his eyes blindfolded, by the way) with his mouse, and he's well on his way to victory.
    15. Heysup
      Alright I\m back now, can we play in a couple hours or so?
    16. babidi1998
      ok, the last chance to battle will be late night on wednesday for you
    17. WayOfRhetoric
      De retour (mais tu le sais déjà, je pense). Merci pour le message (sur mon mur) <3!
    18. jumpluff
      Hiya <3
      That's nice, I still listen to the music you gave me, especially the Lana del Rey song ~ Thank you so much :)
      The thing we spoke about will happen on May 7. Today is actually the 12 month anniversary since I was diagnosed with my tumour, I'm really happy that I survived to be alive on this date, and I'm celebrating that I'm a year away from my sickness and a year closer to my future.
      I hope you're doing well too ♥
    19. Heysup
      don't see you on, I'll be on for another half hour or so
    20. Ojama
    21. Wobbanaut
      I'm playing you in the RU tourny when are u free
    22. Heysup
      I'm leaving for Prague tomorrow early in the morning until Monday night (I think it's GMT +1), I'm not sure if I'll have internet access / time to battle.....but we can do it tonight or when I get back.
    23. Alice
      aww so cute, thank you very much for those! ^-^
    24. Alice
      Lilligant and Glaceon <3
    25. Heysup
      power creep shit we gotta play
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