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    1. Colchonero
      Hi, we have to play the PokeSpain Tour's play-offs. Malekith said that we have to play as soon as posible, so, would you like to play tonight or tomorrow at any time?
    2. SoulWind
      im on grotto po2 for playing whenever
    3. Zephir
      Héhé, et comme d'habitude tu n'as pas déçu (mais attention à Frexa !)
    4. Weegee the haxer
      Weegee the haxer
      Hey my timezone is gmt+1 too.

      I can play this sunday at 6 PM or today saturday at 8 PM.
    5. SoulWind
      ya 20:00 would be the best time for me
    6. SoulWind
      hey bro do you think we can play today or in the weekend for the tag team tournament, i wouldnt want to delay it too much
    7. Funkasaurus
    8. Chieliee
      new avatar n_n
    9. zenzen~
      on #pokemon i assume?
    10. kokoloko
    11. zenzen~
      when are you free for our match in the bw2 walkthrough tourney?
    12. Chieliee
      grats on 1k and clear skies clear entry win!
    13. MikeDecIsHere
      Yeah man, we got this!

      IFM hasn't replied to the VM I sent a few days ago, so most likely I'm playing second haha.

    14. Maaf
    15. Reymedy
      Hm, quand tu veux, je vais essayer de passer un tour sur IRC
    16. Harsha
      how does monday sound? also sorry about slam dude, you should be proud of winning 3 individual slams though, that's definitely an accomplishment
    17. Joeyboy
      :( sorry about Grand Slam dude. You should be champion without a doubt
    18. Nelson
      Je serai dispo vers 13h pour le premier !
    19. Rockhp
      Ouais, je passerais demain soir je pense, j'ai encore des tests à faire avec, vu que je viens de rentrer... Btw, ce serait bien si on pouvait ne pas jouer dimanche soir, vu que j'ai une grosse journée lundi!
    20. Nelson
      Tu m'avais dit 14 ou 16h je crois. Mais je vais chez à bruxelles vers 16h30, donc l'idéal serait de jouer qd tu veux à partir de maintenant jusque 15h dernière limite. Dis moi si ça te va et je te laisse donc deja te préparer ! On fera un coinflip i guess entre PS et PO2 !

      Je resterai connecté, donc meme si je suis offline mnt, je serai de retour d'ici qq minutes, dis moi juste si c'est bon !
    21. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      yeah that should be fine, if I don't show up for some reason I imagine it should be easy to catch you on IRC
    22. Harsha
      ok cool, i'll hit you up whenever im not busy then x)
    23. Harsha
      im available for weekdays after 4:30 gmt -5, but i won't be able to battle this weekend. after next tuesday im available all day for a week. do you want to play tomorrow, or does next week sound better?
    24. Nelson
      je t'attends donc
    25. Umby
      Though if you told me that miscommunication caused scheduling problems, I'd certainly give you until Wednesday.
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