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Jan 29, 2015 at 5:47 AM
Aug 25, 2010
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Dreamcatcher, from Belgium

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Viewing forum list, Jan 29, 2015 at 5:47 AM
    1. BKC
      hey man, sorry, i was away on a school trip so far this week. i'm pretty flexible this weekend though and i think we have the same timezone (gmt +1) so just let me know when you want to play
    2. ssbbm
      gotta drop out: no access to a comp with po
    3. D4RR3N
    4. Ciele
      the great wall of ciele is a marvel to behold!
    5. Sayonara
      Anytime tomorrow would be fine. I live in GMT -5. At which times are you available tomorrow?
    6. D4RR3N
      yo man, we gotta play for weather monopoly. I think i'll need a few days to make my teams, so how does this coming saturday sound?

      edit: wanna start with something like hail/sand first?
    7. Stone_Cold
      If I sing a song in french for the kareoke contest you guys are having, will you change your forum name to McPollo?
    8. Stone_Cold
      your my only hope...bro 2 bro
    9. Stone_Cold
      pretty plz? :( u are more talented then me :D
    10. Stone_Cold
      rocky balboa
    11. Stone_Cold
      can i request a drawing form you?
    12. Bloo
      THAT'S RIGHT, THE BEST GROUP OF POKE PLAYERS, and we're part of it. Earthworm can suck our D's.

      Not giving a fuck since November 2011.
    13. Eos
      Holy shit your art is fantastic. Please make an art thread because some of those were awesome.
    14. Delko
      I agree with art thread ;)
    15. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Holy shit, these are really, really good. Like I actually feel like saving the Sanji, Daz Bones, Luffy, Aokiji drawings because they're fucking good (I collect OP drawings). You should start up an art thread in your spare time.
    16. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Hell yeah, One Piece has basically become my favorite source of media.

      But down to business... you're a OP fan too AND an artist? I'd like to see that. Up until now you were just that really good player I never got to talk to lol.
    17. Nachos
    18. Delko
      Sexy :)
    19. Noodlez
      yo megh once u build ur helping hand tour team vm back
    20. Stone_Cold
      1) I can't sing unfortunately, so it wouldn't be enjoyable for you.

      2) The surgery was due to a cancer I had and they had to remove a tumor but it was a success. Now i'm just bed ridden for a few days.
    21. FelixMinamimoto
      hey there, I'm your opponent for round 2 of the Counterpick tournament. When do you want to pick, and when would you like to play? I'm gmt-5 and pretty busy during the week itself but the weekends are always wonderful. I can play after like 5 or 6 pm on weekdays pretty reliably my time, but if I recall correctly you're GMT+1 so that's a little late. When works for you?
    22. Alice
      Ok McPollo, no prob =)

      see you tomorrow then n_n

      PS: awsome brussels main square pic <3
    23. S!lver
      Hehe, alright I'll try join some ^^
      You seem to do pretty well in the tours ^^ You're a great battler, Ro :)
    24. S!lver
      Ah hey bro ^^ Glad you found me on the forums haha! :p - as you might have noticed, i'm not really that active... I never post on here :/
    25. San_Pellegrino
      so close... good run for benelux :]
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