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Nov 12, 2017
Nov 30, 2013
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    1. Adamant Zoroark
      Adamant Zoroark
      Hey, I know the VGC Alolawak analysis is still in the WIP stage, and I'm not QC, but I just wanna say that Perish Song definitely warrants a mention, if not a slash with Bonemerang. As an example, it allows it to more reliably beat Celesteela by preventing it from stalling with SubSeed + Protect and just all-around disrupts similar stally strategies
      1. MDK
        I definitely will consider putting Perish Song under other options

        But a think it is unneccessary to run Perish Song with Flareblitz to counter Celesteela, I ran the calcs and with even the EVs not fully invested in Attack, Adamant 180 Atk EV Thick Club Flareblitz will ALWAYS KO Celesteela in one move

        Even if Celesteela is running a defensive nature with 252 HP and 252 Def EVs it will always be a 1HKO from that Marowak set
        Dec 23, 2016
      2. Adamant Zoroark
        Adamant Zoroark
        I mean, Flare Blitz OHKOes Celesteela and all, but sometimes, Marowak will be coming in when Celesteela already has a Substitute up, in which case Celesteela can start SubSeed stalling unless Marowak runs substantial Speed investment (which means sacrificing bulk).

        Aside from Celesteela, though, Perish Song also can be used as a win condition (i.e. if your opponent is down to their last two and you have at least three Pokemon left, you can guarantee victory) and also totally shuts down Eevee Evopass teams (though mentioning Celesteela and other stally strategies - Minimize might warrant a mention - should be prioritized)

        Either way, I'd definitely talk with the QC team to see where they think it should go, but it definitely should be mentioned.
        Dec 23, 2016
    2. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    3. T_Tmiah
      added you.
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