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Jun 25, 2013
Apr 20, 2013
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White Forest


from White Forest

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Jun 25, 2013
    1. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum

      well first off, your team desperately wants stealth rocks. I would just switch Heatran to a specially defensive set with Lava Plume / Stealth Rock / Roar / Protect or Toxic. I would only run scarf-Heatran if I could get something else to run rocks, probably ditching Gengar, and even then there are better Scarfers IMO.

      The slowking evs are off, it really does not need that much special defense, I would suggest the evs on site of 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 SpD Calm.

      I guess Tentacruel is fine, but if I was you, I would run Toxic, t-spikes are terrible in this meta IMO, and probably Ice Beam > Protect, as this isn't rain stall, against a sand team protect is almost useless.

      I would suggest hidden power ice on Tangrowth, as Skarm + Heatran wall of check most of the steel types Tangrowth would use HP-fire for. You may also want to dump some special defense evs into Tangrowth to, currently you don't have anything else to sponge Rotom-W's attacks.

      This team is surprisingly covers most of the meta's threats. However, you have some odd weaknesses to generic special attackers like offensive Starmie, Thundurus-T, and Alakazam, can be an issue, stuff like Jolteon can weaken Heatran out and oddly threaten to sweep the team. I might consider something like Blissey / Chansey on this team actually, it doesn't quite fit in at the moment, maybe over Gengar, but at its core it solves a lot of this team's problems.

      I hope I helped, again this core does oddly combat a lot of threats, but this team has some odd weaknesses in return.
    2. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum
      hey, sorry I didn't rate your stall team yet, but you seem to be in the process of team building it honestly, shuffleing things around, when you are confident you have your team hammers out the best you can, VM me and I'll help you out

      also if you need any general stall help, please feel free to contact me
    3. Arcticblast
      I'd suggest a Scarf Terrakion or Mienshao, who can revenge kill a +1 Volcarona (which you have no answer to). Terrakion is the more viable overall, but Mienshao has U-Turn + Regenerator on its side.
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