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Oct 21, 2017 at 7:24 AM
Feb 8, 2005
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k Jun 13, 2015

Mekkah was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 21, 2017 at 7:24 AM
    1. SOMALIA
      Rofl wtf , so FUGLY
    2. SOMALIA
      Lol I cried, too funny. I never knew we blacks when in groups were referred to as 'nigglets' I feel so hurt.
    3. SOMALIA
      Also you should start going gym like me man. before i was looking like this:
      Now im like this
      While I was looking for job vacancies in somalia, i found several that for some reason no-one does and one was 'lifiting' cotton from feilds, apparently i was told by a white man only strong good looking men like myself are chosen for this job.
    4. SOMALIA
    5. SOMALIA
      You look exactly like some guy I know from south africa called Gareth lol ;). Is 'Gareth' your name by any chance?
    6. Miscellaneous
      She typed less than three,
      virtual viagra agrees.
      A boner, I see.

      Haiku poem gets me mods?
    7. Fishy
      dear lord I hope that isn't the future.
    8. TRC Boss Lux
    9. versailles
    10. Fishy
      i'm curious as to how the hell you acquired your signature.
    11. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Furthermore: If what I was doing is considered "flaming"...what exactly is this "oi motherfucker i dont think your existence is significant enough to be seen whenever i check my profile, dont need no human trash there so get the fuck out and wank to some comic porn or whatever" ???

      I'm seriously not trying to be rude, I just don't think it's fair that you post something on my page, yet you say nothing to the other guy...
    12. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Not to sound rude or anything, but I wasn't aware that I had already invited him, and a simple "Hey man, you have already invited me and I am not interested. Please don't do it again." would have been the way to handle the situation. Not "fuck this" and "fuck that". I didn't flame anyone! I simply responded with the same disrespect that I was shown!
    13. SOMALIA
      Lol thanks once again man ;) I don't know how I can ever repay you haha, maybe in barrels of oil I get from hijacking ships?
    14. SOMALIA
      Thanks man, your the..bestest!!
    15. smashlloyd20
      Mekkah...are you Mekkah from Serenes Forest?
    16. Precipice

      apparently theres a new 5th gen download for PO now that runs fine, but I cant seem to find it on the forums : / You wouldnt happen to know anything about it would you?
    17. Precipice
      ah ok, phew ^^
    18. zack
      I told a mod and he told me to let the admins know so: I recently found out my brother made an account but we use the same computer. Just saying that I havent made a mutiple account.
    19. Precipice
    20. Asuya Sosuke
    21. Precipice
      Ah ok I'll make sure to read it.
      Msn has been playing up for me recently :s
    22. Asuya Sosuke
      Asuya Sosuke
      Hi, I have the video of the final of the tour [Week 4 DPP OU #3]. If you want I can give you the file for up it on smogon youtube channel.
    23. Precipice
      I don't know :S What would you think would be good stuff for me to know, If you think it would be best to stick to gen4 for now thats fine with me :)
    24. Precipice
      Hey mekkah I was wondering with the amount of info out on the 5thgen now aswell as it being on PO do you know enough about it to give me any advice?
    25. Altair
      Just wondering, does this profile need any more beverages, buffet items, anything?

      Oh and hey I just want to say that the Airport Hilton appreciates your continued service!
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