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Dec 7, 2016 at 6:06 PM
Feb 8, 2005
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k Jun 13, 2015

Mekkah was last seen:
Dec 7, 2016 at 6:06 PM
    1. Asuya Sosuke
      Asuya Sosuke
      Hi, I have the video of the final of the tour [Week 4 DPP OU #3]. If you want I can give you the file for up it on smogon youtube channel.
    2. Precipice
      I don't know :S What would you think would be good stuff for me to know, If you think it would be best to stick to gen4 for now thats fine with me :)
    3. Precipice
      Hey mekkah I was wondering with the amount of info out on the 5thgen now aswell as it being on PO do you know enough about it to give me any advice?
    4. Altair
      Just wondering, does this profile need any more beverages, buffet items, anything?

      Oh and hey I just want to say that the Airport Hilton appreciates your continued service!
    5. Precipice
      I messaged the guy running. The far better ou tourney and he didn't reply.
    6. Precipice
      Hmmm I. Think I'll stick to dpp ATM especially since b/w isn't faraway xD
    7. Precipice
      Do you think I should enter the 'You may (not) advance' tourney or would that prove too difficult, the name does come across as a bit- daunting...
      Also how do I apply to join?
    8. Precipice
      How do I tell which tournaments are shoddy battle based?
    9. Precipice
      Hey Mekkah do you know of any shoddy tournaments coming up? I'm just looking to get some experience out of them, or is that not a good idea xD?
    10. Fishy
    11. Precipice
      Hey Mekkah, how ya been?

      Sorry for not being on much this week, got weighed down with school =/
    12. ck49
      yeah. Just not today
    13. ck49
      And I'm so sleepy its not even funny. I had 2 basketball matches today and just got back home an hour ago
    14. ck49
      I cant right now. My dad has blocked all chat sites on this computer and my computer is currently unavailable.
    15. RODAN!!!
      man what the fuck 12,000 posts, one day I will surpass you
    16. Badal
    17. Togekissfan
      Hello! To introduce myself, I am Togekissfan. Lol, but to get back to the subject. Your article was well put, albeit a bit long for my taste. (Not an insult, just my personality =D) I was wondering did you think the trip to Australia was worth the popularity for the current article? (...Aww, no catch phrase lol)
    18. HolyChipmunk
      Thanks Mekkah. :)
    19. bazy11
      can you find y secret id for me
    20. Fishy
      netherlands '11
    21. panamaxis
      He's the guy
    22. Banedon
      NG Sneasel flips a coin for each of YOUR Pokemon in play, not ALL Pokemon in play. Sheesh, to think when I first read your article I was certain you were wrong, then I did a search and found my memory faulty ... now my brother challenged me and I bet him, only to find my memory faulty AGAIN, what the heck.
    23. Kevin Garrett
    24. VKCA
      yo sup broski, I was wondering if you could change my name to something shorter because typing this 23 character name when I log onto smogon on other computers is a little killer.
      thanks dude I hope you can
    25. Horndrill11
      crap i wish i knew where the large version was.
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