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Last Activity:
Jun 12, 2014
Oct 18, 2009
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NOTE: I started a new game. My FS is not the same anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jan 11, 2014

metalrush was last seen:
Jun 12, 2014
    1. metalrush
      NOTE: I started a new game. My FS is not the same anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    2. Jedort
      Add me please, FC 5026-5546-8727. Poison safari, hope you like it :D
    3. Dr3adN07
      Hi, it would be awesome if you could add me to your Ditto Safari. My FC is 3308-4548-1261. Thank you in advance :)
    4. Algomon96
      See here i have a Ghost Safari and i would like to add you.
      FC: 2165 - 6339 - 5034
    5. Kirkoff
      Hey, I saw you have ditto in your friend safari. Can you add me?
      My friend code is 3711-8294-3788
    6. TristanX11
      That ditto safari would be perfect. 2148-8231-4985 Thank you!
    7. Professor Phil
      Professor Phil
      Hope you’ll add me! 5069-4208-2675 I have a flying safari!!
    8. Sinaya
      Heya, hoping to trade Friend Codes! 5429-6608-5333. Thank you!
    9. pokeperson12
      Need a ditto safari....my fc is 0018 1575 3532
    10. Shashy
      Could you please add me? I really would like a ditto safari... My FC is 4012-3917-6089
    11. Colossus
      Could I ask/beg you to add me? I'm in desperate need of a Ditto Safari...Psychic safari w/ Grumpig, Espurr, and Gothorita. FC is 2020-0631-4167, IGN is Claytonius.. Thanks for you consideration.
    12. iliekmudkipz123456789
      Hi can you add me? I have a Dragon type safari with Druddigon, Gabite, and Noibat. My friend code is 4468-1017-6283. Thank you.
    13. blinkEQ
      Hello, please add me. I have ground type with camerupt, diggersby and phanpy. 3754-6949-6175
    14. EkSalJouMoer
      Hey dude wanna exchange FC: 3463625-8648-3577 I have fighting type with Re-generator Mienfoo, Sawk , Hariyama
    15. ItzBroken2
      could you add me pls 4656-7139-7130
    16. GeorgeWorld
      Hey there mate would you mind adding my friend code? It is 2079-7334-0130. I am a dragon type and have Fraxure, Dragonair and Sliggoo. Thanks!
    17. Mukenio
      Hello everybody, i looking for Ditto for my Friend Safari so please add me! :D
      Friend Code: 3067 - 5398 - 8959 I have Nincada - Palpitoad - Phanpy
    18. hakofly
      Hi metalrush. would you mind add me as a friend? I have a ICE TYPE with Bergmite, Spheal and Cloyster. tks^^ (0087 3253 0717)
    19. boog215
      please add my fc! you can remove me after a day. I really need a few good dittos, thanks!! 2964-8858-8160
    20. lolnoel
      Hey metalrush, could you please add me to your friends list? I really need a ditto safari. I have growlithe, larvesta, and fletchinder. 4957-3622-8609
    21. JoeCool
      Hello metalrush! How are you? I would like to know if you could be oh so kind to give me your FC! I would love to have your Dittos because I need them for breeding purposes! My friend code is 1805-2655-0370
    22. Necroci
      could you also add me please? I really need a ditto safari. I have Charmeleon, Braixen, and Growlithe. 2852 7739 1125
    23. Ionicera
      Could you please add me to you friend list so I can get ditto in my friend safari. My FC is 4742 5685 6833 thank you.
    24. Parise
      Hello metalrush, can you add me? My FC is 3024-5863-9761, I have Slugma, Magmar, and Ninetales. Thanks.
    25. crazybingo
      Can I please get an add? I've been looking for a ditto safari forever T-T I have sandile, vullaby, and Absol. FC is 1848-2001-7506
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