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  • Just pasting the same thing over and over? Lol you are a noob spammer. -sigh- trolls used to have some skill beyond simply hitting ctrl-vvvvvvvv

    Get on my level son.
    you do realize those people were being sarcastic right? >_>
    Point being you came here posting that shit
    Let's sum this up: When you have nothing better to do, you spam social groups with vile pictures that NO ONE wants to see and are being STRESSED from your IRRESPONSIBLE actions because of a selfish whim?

    You HAVE to be better than that here!

    I'm sure there's a place for all those images SOMEWHERE in this pycho world but it ISN'T AT SMOGON!!! Put it somewhere else please.
    You are an utter excuse for a human being and serve no purpose on this planet whatsoever. You should leave us this instant and realize how much of a horrific, obscene person you are. You are hideous to simply think about, and I bet worse to look at. Kill yourself.
    you're a jackass. i hope you get kicked from the group and nobody accepts you back. because you keep posting disgusting porn and you suck as a human being. also, your porn sucks. at least make it tasteful. say... if the girls weren't all mutilated and didn't have penises. nasty sick fuckwad. please go to hell. also, i'll post wherever i want. so hahahahah fuck you.
    Hey Mewtwentytwo
    Sorry but for a short period of time we are not taking new members
    We just had a horrible 20 pages of porn spammed on our group and we are trying to clean it up.
    If you can bear with us, a lot of the people in BABA are in other groups.
    Maybe you could join the battle finders group for now and when the pron is cleaned up and we start accepting new members you can join BABA.
    here is a link to battle finders
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