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Jan 29, 2013
Jan 17, 2010
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Jan 29, 2013
    1. Plus
      Hello dude, I am your Battling 101 tutor for this round and I'd love it if we could meet up via AIM / MSN / IRC / Shoddy. Hit me up and I'll give you my contacts.
    2. Miria
      Hi there MisterTZ, thank you for your good luck wishes in my thread at the beginning, however I've ran into.. lack of space! lol Would you mind removing your first post in my thread on the first page please? =D
    3. Gokufan
      Thanks for trade! So, these 3 are fully redis, right?
    4. Lightsabre
      I'm in school atm. I won't be able to trade until later today. it's 9:30ish am my time right now and I won't be able to trade until 4:50-5:00 pm :/ tommorrow will be better for trading though if you can get on then. and, due to some changes that have happened in real life, I won't be away for as long as I thought. though my schedule is still unknown for a while
    5. Gokufan
      No problem, see you online ;)
    6. Gokufan
      Oh, I understand. I just returned to home, can you trade now? :)
    7. awesome possum
      awesome possum
      hello there. want to do our pending now? empoleon and lanturn for mattj's dragonite and alsabino's magnezone?
    8. Gokufan
      Answered in your thread, please answer me cause i don't know if i should remove our trade from Pendings :/
    9. themarcster
      i believe we still have a pending trade. vm/pm when we're both online
      HCZ's corsola, for my lotad
    10. SunshineCat
      mistertz's corsola for clefable

      Can you trade now?
    11. jla
      hey can u trade now?
    12. Gokufan
      Are you still interested in trade?
    13. BBer69
      wanna trade for abomasnow now?
    14. Lightsabre
      Hey. I still have your Honchcrow. I really need to get it back to you soon, since there'll be a time pretty soon when I won't be able to trade for up to 6 weeks. If you could respond and tell me when you're usualy on I'll try to catch you. once again, sorry I forgot to trade it back immediately
    15. Kobe_MVP
      Sorry, but I cannot trade ATM. Really busy with school. I'm just kinda lurking here, lol.
    16. BBer69
      wanna trade for abomasnow now?
    17. awesome possum
      awesome possum
      hi there :)
      yes i already have them cloned. please vm me when you are available to trade.
    18. Azure Demon
    19. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      clononing is what i do
    20. ludicolo
      ok catching juck pokes
    21. ludicolo
      sorry, i was finishing up Eving ill come in in 5 mins
    22. SWS42S
      i can clone for you.
    23. Lightsabre
      hey. it looks like you're on. sorry it's taken me so long to get this thing back to you. are you available for trade atm?
    24. Gokufan
      Hey tell me when can you trade, cause I have my clones now :)
    25. Lightsabre
      oh crap. I'm really really sorry. I completely forgot about that. I'll try to catch you ASAP and get it back to you
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