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Oct 8, 2017
Jul 6, 2007
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May 4, 1989 (Age: 28)
    1. Biosci
      it might be reporter bugging out when you searched ID seeds. Are you using the most current RNG reporter?
    2. Biosci
      Are you sure you searched the ID seed right and didn't typo 476 for 473? If should show the right frame for being shiny.
    3. Biosci
      I'm not sure, I haven't bothered with trying to RNG a shiny starter.
    4. Biosci
      Awesome, and yea I have 5.
    5. Biosci
    6. Biosci
      Heading on
    7. Biosci
      I should be around for the rest of the day to trade.
    8. Biosci
      alright, just message me when you want me to pick up those.
    9. Biosci
      That it?
    10. Biosci
    11. Biosci
      Alright, copy my BW2 FC in my about me and give me your own FC.
    12. Biosci
      Sure, how many?
    13. Champloo
      Not to experienced with Pokecheck other than trying it out and being successful (with a normal pokemon that is) I just talked to someone about this and the only thing I could dig up was the following:

      Q5: How can I deposit a Pokémon holding a gift ribbon on the GTS?
      A: No pokémon holding a premier or classic ribbon can be deposited on the GTS. You will find some event pokémon with those ribbons in our database but they were imported from external .pkm files. It is however possible to check the stats of such a Pokémon. Save and upload a battle video featuring the Pokémon on the GTS and use the VS. Player to view its stats, including IVs and EVs.
    14. Biosci
      I would say Pokecheck could be your best bet. Either that or uploading to another fakegts like you did before.
    15. Biosci
    16. KimTheHuman
      I've found my problem :D Messed up during the DNS setting. Placed it in the wrong connection (HAHA) Thanks again ! :)
    17. KimTheHuman
      I'll just list out what I did in steps so it'll be easier to find my (silly) mistakes.
      First, I change the primary DNS of the 3ds done through the main menu to match the DNS of Pokecheck.
      Then I go to the website and look for the pokemon I want to send over to the cartridge and click "Queue for Download" on the pokemon stats/info page at the bottom.
      After that, I'll go to GTS with a full party and I should receive the pkmn but I don't. Am i missing any crucial steps ? Do I have to make any deposit requests (wanted and offered pkmn)

      Thank you for your time :)
    18. Shii
      no problem xD
    19. KimTheHuman
      First of all, thanks again for answering my question earlier. Mind if I ask a few questions regarding Pokecheck, that's if you don't mind. I seem to be having a bit of trouble when reaching the GTS and making an offer part. Thanks :D
    20. Shii
      Done! :D
    21. Shii
      Um hold on, lemme try to remember how to lol
    22. TheMantyke
      I can't help you with the add three posts part, but I can help you with the unlocking part. Sorry, either I'm too big of a novice to figure out how to do change the poster or it's only for smods+.
    23. TheMantyke
      Sorry, but there isn't anyway for moderators to designate only one person to be allowed to post in a thread. If you're working on a new trade thread, I'd suggest finding an old, hard to find post of yours and edit in your information into it.
    24. Biosci
      Sounds neat
    25. Biosci
      It's pretty good, just picked it up so I'm just beating the first gym. Looks like it's much better than BW.
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