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Oct 8, 2017
Jul 6, 2007
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May 4, 1989 (Age: 28)
    1. Biosci
      happy new year to you as well =D
    2. galladepower
      But, is this OK ?, I mean juste tell me yes or no, is that calibration phase applied also to nintendo dsi?
    3. Biosci
      Hey I was wondering if you would be willing to trade for that Serene Grace Togekiss you have in Gen 4? Let me know if there is anything I can do and I'll be on IRC for the most part of tomorrow :)
    4. galladepower
      So, are there different parameters for each and EVERY country in the world ?

      Also, please read this guide http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=534245 , and focus on the "finding parameters" part (use ctrl+f to get there faster) and explain this WHOLE part please!!!!!!!!!
    5. galladepower
      How do i know where my nintendo is from ?
    6. galladepower
      Are the parameters different from game-to-game?
      Do you a guide that explains how to calibrate parameters in an easy explained way?
    7. galladepower
      Ok, ill try those, just to be sure, where did you get that parameters?
    8. galladepower
      Dont you have at least and idea of what i have to put on the seconds, vcount, timer,vframe and gxstart spaces?? Please help!!!!!!!!
    9. Agonist
      Searched a for almost six hours last night, and no luck finding a seed yet. :/
    10. galladepower
      Can you explain me how to calibrate the dsi, the link you sent are quite difficult to understand, just tell what should i put in each of the ds parameter finder spaces ??
    11. galladepower
    12. galladepower
      c-geat is frustating, you seed i could standard seed on the dsi, is the process to do this the same as the on you have to do in the normal ds/ds lite ???
    13. galladepower
      bout the Ivs, you said that if they are perfect, then i hit my seed, but to tell which seed i hit, i need to know the ivs, which the calculator cant tell accurately, then what do i do?
    14. galladepower
      One thing, the c-year takes a lot of time to start, when i in-game turn it with the button, will this affect the process? Do you know a way to make the c-gear on faster?
    15. galladepower
      Ok, thanks. I ll have to keep trying till i hit my seed...
    16. galladepower
      So that means that the ivs i have been imputting may have been screwing my process up ?
    17. galladepower
      Another question that is haunting me, is use metalkid calculator to check the iv, right now, i am trying to rng a litwick, which are caught at levels 25-27, then i go to battle subway and check stats at level 50, i imput the stats from those two levels, along with the hidden powe type and the all other stuff. I dont imput,however, the information about which iv is higher(you know, the iv judge which says a comment about you poke best iv) because i have not beaten the E4 yet.
      Now the question is is this information enough to tell what the EXACTS iv of my poke are ?
    18. galladepower
      So whenever i hit my seed, which is supossed to be one for a 31 IV for every stat, then is the pokemon is 100% SURE to be perfect ?
    19. galladepower
      Alright, there was an IV spread that matched the Iv of the poke i caught, but they are far from perfect, the time was also the same as the one i got on the timefinder, however, the seed is not the same, the last two characters are different from the seed i wanted and the delay should have been 8940, but i got 8907. What did i do wrong ?
    20. galladepower
      Yeahm i forgot to enter the MAC ADRESS (how stupid i was !!!!)
      Hey, c-gear method is hard,
      Help me again, this is the guide i am using to rng : http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thre...se-for-dummies, focus on step2, substep 4 calibration and capture, i already caught a pokemon, then i checked his ivs, and then what ?? Help me here please
    21. Agonist
      Sure, just let me know what you need, and I'll search. It'll have to wait a few hours, since I'm going out in a little while.
    22. IronGross
      Can you nickname Pokemon for me? I'm not going yo trade them.
    23. galladepower
      How come EVERY seed i imput is INVALID, what on earth is happenning to the reporter ???
    24. galladepower
      Yesterday,I tried to hit my seed once, but i failed. Today, when i imput the seed i used yesterday, the reporter says it DOES NOT EXIST. What happened?????Yesterday the seed gave me the time,date and delay, but now the SAME SEED is invalid.
    25. galladepower
      Hey, thanks, if i have another question i ll let you know. for the moment,
      thanks a lot !!!
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