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Oct 14, 2017
Apr 4, 2011
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from England/Wales

is an Artist
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Oct 14, 2017
    1. Lady Salamence
    2. tennisace
      friend requests do nothing functional unless the person has their vm's set to "friends only" but tbh im not even sure if thats a setting anymore.
    3. tennisace
      unfortunately nobody is a good sport anymore when it comes to cap art =(
    4. tennisace
      you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar
    5. Joeyboy
      Dude your CAPmon is awesome!! So unique! The comic blew me away, and the design to the supporting material blew my mind wide open. Congratulations.
    6. SJCrew
      Your design has me gushing like a fanboy. Everything from the comic to the concept to the female design is so so good. I can't guarantee that I'll vote for you, but I sincerely do hope you win.
    7. Mos-Quitoxe
      eh it's fine I never had much on here anyway :D
      as for colors, male is fine, but I think you could do with lightening/desaturating the green on female regular, and making the female shiny yellow to complement the shiny male's purple.
    8. ToastTyrant13
      Sorry for clogging up your wall. :x

      I didn't know what exactly to do for the shiny colors, so I just moved to a color in that spectrum (Red -> Purple, Green -> Blue. Let me know if you want somethin' different though.
    9. ToastTyrant13
      I implemented your gender differences and made new shinies to match, wooo
    10. ToastTyrant13
      Lipstick-ish paint on the female now, woo
    11. ToastTyrant13
      Ah, alrighty! Yeah, I could put in a little pink / red for the female.
      *messes with*
    12. ToastTyrant13
      Fixed some shading issues on the innner arms.

      No Patterns
    13. Zebraiken
      I just wanted to say I think your CAP art submission is brilliant and I'll definitely be voting for it. :D
    14. ToastTyrant13
      Alright, I tried to do the Female Kanji, but the shape and size of it just wouldn't work on the face, especially because of how the Kanji's shaped. :c

      I also tried to do the one with no designs on the back to better match your drawing.


      and then here's a revised one with the patterns
    15. ToastTyrant13

      I took a crack at the back-design (the one on the left-hand side of your photobucket link), but all the ridges and folds would make it crazy complex and messy in such a small space that a sprite is in. :/

      I'm gonna' take another try at the Female-Kanji though, so wish me luck.
    16. ToastTyrant13
      Oh, I hadn't seen that you had Female and Back art done. o:
      I can fix them if you want but idk if I'd be able to execute the female's Kanji well since it's limited to the small face-space. :c
    17. ToastTyrant13
      Heya Mos! I just wanted to say that your Art Submission is amazing, and I absolutely love it. I've been at home because I was sick at school, so I thought I'd take a crack at spriting your Concept, since it's amazing and has a good chance of winning. You have my Vote. c:


      Male Front / Male Back / Female Front / Female Back
      Male Shiny Front / Male Shiny Back / Female Shiny Front / Female Shiny Back
    18. reachzero
      Dude, your art submission is incredibly, astonishingly awesome. You've got my vote for sure. :)
    19. Wikey
      I love your prevo design for CAP1. Not sure if you intended it but the lion with a sharp tail aspect kind of conjures a feeling of him being manticore and the idea of a manticore evolving into a gryphon is great.
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    ★whowasphoone: it's impossible
    ★whowasphoone: you might not do damage but why would you need to
    ★whowasphoone: when you cannot die
    ★whowasphoone: hail shuckle
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    ★whowasphoone: H A I L


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