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Feb 1, 2015 at 9:16 PM
Dec 29, 2004
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    1. spawn yourself
      spawn yourself
      didn't get into it until around week 8 since I was more concerned with my adv and dpp for tour. since then I've just been practicing on ladder but everyone sucks so I want some better competition. are you game
    2. spawn yourself
      spawn yourself

      I'm studying gsc and have discovered through extensive research that borat is in fact shit. would you play me sometime?
    3. Cathy
    4. Colchonero
      Ok, i'll look for you on irc today and tomorrow. I also can to play on Saturday if we schedule an exact time (the only problem is that i can't be waiting so long and wasting my time, but that would work). Anyway you said that you will be probably working that day so...
    5. Colchonero
      Hey, when would you like to play our Week 5's match? I need to play before weekend (Friday is still fine, but not on Saturday or Sunday) because a i've 4 important exams next week (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).
    6. Crystal_
      10:30 pm better. sorry again
    7. Crystal_
      saturday i can only play early which wont suit you... can you make friday ~10:00 pm gmt+1?
    8. Crystal_
      Can you play either Friday or Saturday? These are the two days that work best for me because I have a very busy schedule this week. If you can play friday afternoon then that's perfect for me. I'm GMT+1
    9. royal flush
      royal flush
      Lets do this saturday then, around 8~9 pm your time I guess? It can be later if you prefer, I'll stay the whole nighttime.
    10. royal flush
      royal flush
      Yo lets schedule our match, I'm gmt -2.
    11. waterwizard
      play some RBY!
    12. Raikage
      Shoutouts to your avatar which has been on Smogon longer than like 95% of the population
    13. kokoloko
      i'll be online tonight for sure, so we'll play
    14. kokoloko
      change of plans lol

      we need to play either early saturday (like, before 2) or sometime on sunday
    15. kokoloko
      im free all day saturday so we'll play then. i'll just flood you with pms until you reply ok.

      ps. be there at ~4
    16. kokoloko

      send me a pm on irc when you wanna fight coz when im on im actually at my pc whereas you are not always there
    17. Fishy
      ohio boy
    18. Danilo
      im on now, message me on the thinggggg
    19. Danilo
      I can play now
    20. Danilo
      uhhhh im pretty busy. i can play tonight though
    21. Danilo
      vs u in mtg turney
    22. Agammemnon
      Hi !
      We're paired for SPL and it looks like you didn't bother VMing me (Neither did I, I'm not blaming you)

      When can you play, son ? I'm GMT+1.
    23. Danilo
      Please try to get ur games done for mtg tourney
    24. Tiba
      yo mrE we need to battle in spl, my gmt is -2 and I'll go online the most time tomorrow, lets try do make this battle tomorrow. If no, saturday I can get online but sunday is too hard to get some free time. And already warning I want to battle in PO because of wrong calculation of reflect and pursuit bugs in nbs. I try to talk with you on IRC but you never responded.
    25. Colchonero
      When can you play for the SPL? I've talked you on IRC but you never responded :/
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