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Apr 21, 2015 at 2:38 PM
Dec 29, 2004
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I'm the best. Sep 10, 2013

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    1. asterat
      just realized your username pun, gj
    2. Colchonero
      Hi, we've to play this week, so i'm just letting you know that i will be available since Thursday evening to Saturday night. I can almost anytime those 3 days, and i can play in the spanish night (GMT+1), which i think you'll prefer (i just wouldn't like t start later than 2 AM).
      1. Mr.E
        GMT-5, so 8pmish for me... We plan for Friday night in case stuff happens and we have still have Saturday available just in case. I have more important things to worry about Thu-Fri but Friday morning is the last of it, so hopefully I'll be rested and prepared to play Friday night.

        I'll be around earlier, of course, and generally am around all the damn time (except late morning/early afternoon in bed).
        Jan 21, 2014
      2. Mr.E
        Heating problems, sleep schedule kinda weird because I napped poorly in preparation of my morning "important situation" and now I'm too awake to just go to bed completely.

        Consider this a warning that I am likely (not guaranteed) to want to play Saturday now. Because I might randomly zonk out on the couch mid-afternoon. ;[ Won't know how I feel until it gets to be that time.
        Jan 24, 2014
      3. Colchonero
        Oh ok, let's play tomorrow then, dw, life>pokemon
        Jan 24, 2014
    3. Kingler12345
    4. Iris0022
      Hello could we add each other so I can use your Friend Safari? I have Gyarados, Azumarill and Bibiral in mine.

      My FC is: 0705-3742-9823
      1. Mr.E
        I'm guessing you need Fletchinder or something? Yeah I have plenty of room. 3625-9011-4360
        Jan 10, 2014
      2. Mr.E
        I will try to pay attention and be active if you come online today, so we can access each other's third safari mon.
        Jan 10, 2014
    5. Jorgen
      So we have to VM each other within 48 hours of the round being posted to cover our bases for activity, and since I'm a john who can't play right this moment, that's what I'm doing. All weekday evenings (>7p GMT-6) and weekend afternoons (12p-7p GMT -6) work for me. Let's go with uhhhh Thursday @8pm as the tentative time unless you have a better idea.
      1. Mr.E
        okie dokie works for me
        Jan 6, 2014
    6. yeahhhboiii
      Hey, I saw your signature in my Psych Up + Baton Pass thread (thanks for your input btw), and noticed a logo for something called the Dragonspiral Tyrants. Do you mind telling me what that is? I've seen a couple of those throughout Smogon.
      1. Mr.E
        It was the team I was on for SPL3. It's named after Dragonspiral Tower, which was the Gen 5 forum before it got a "proper" name (and now they're just named after tiers so whatever). It got replaced by the Smog Frogs.
        Dec 25, 2013
    7. Mr.E
      I'm the best.
    8. InsaneDragoniteHD
      You're the best ?
    9. Jukain
      mre the community member oO
    10. jpchato
      hai pokeman batel plox
    11. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      didn't get into it until around week 8 since I was more concerned with my adv and dpp for tour. since then I've just been practicing on ladder but everyone sucks so I want some better competition. are you game
    12. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn

      I'm studying gsc and have discovered through extensive research that borat is in fact shit. would you play me sometime?
    13. Cathy
    14. Colchonero
      Ok, i'll look for you on irc today and tomorrow. I also can to play on Saturday if we schedule an exact time (the only problem is that i can't be waiting so long and wasting my time, but that would work). Anyway you said that you will be probably working that day so...
    15. Colchonero
      Hey, when would you like to play our Week 5's match? I need to play before weekend (Friday is still fine, but not on Saturday or Sunday) because a i've 4 important exams next week (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).
    16. Crystal_
      10:30 pm better. sorry again
    17. Crystal_
      saturday i can only play early which wont suit you... can you make friday ~10:00 pm gmt+1?
    18. Crystal_
      Can you play either Friday or Saturday? These are the two days that work best for me because I have a very busy schedule this week. If you can play friday afternoon then that's perfect for me. I'm GMT+1
    19. royal flush
      royal flush
      Lets do this saturday then, around 8~9 pm your time I guess? It can be later if you prefer, I'll stay the whole nighttime.
    20. royal flush
      royal flush
      Yo lets schedule our match, I'm gmt -2.
    21. waterwizard
      play some RBY!
    22. Raikage
      Shoutouts to your avatar which has been on Smogon longer than like 95% of the population
    23. kokoloko
      i'll be online tonight for sure, so we'll play
    24. kokoloko
      change of plans lol

      we need to play either early saturday (like, before 2) or sometime on sunday
    25. kokoloko
      im free all day saturday so we'll play then. i'll just flood you with pms until you reply ok.

      ps. be there at ~4
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