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MrBig Cheese
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Apr 6, 2012
Jan 12, 2012
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MrBig Cheese

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Apr 6, 2012
    1. gr8astard
      Like I said I don't "troll", if you're offended because of your own mistake then too bad. There is no misunderstanding here, just you being silly.
    2. gr8astard
      Dude MAX means you invested 252 EVs on said stat. You literally know nothing about this game its so sad.
    3. gr8astard
      Also, why the fuck should I read the overview of Toxicroak on smogon? It has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Really this is just a game and I am willing to let it go, but you are just an ignorant, disrespectful person. Admit you are wrong, and cease from doing it again. You just make yourself look stupid by insisting that you have a legit toxicroak.
    4. gr8astard
      OK let me make this clear:
      Uninvested Toxicroak =
      HP 307
      Att 248
      Def 166
      SpA 208
      SpD 166
      Spe 206

      You TOLD ME, and I print screen your statement, that you have:
      HP = 343
      Att = 319 (Adamant), so basically 290 + 29
      Def = 218
      SpA = 216
      SpD = 205
      Spe = 265

      which means you have the following extra stats:
      HP = 36
      Att = 42
      Def = 52
      SpA = 8
      SpD = 39
      Spe = 59 which brings us to a grand total of 236 extra stats, and 944EVs in total. This by definition is an illegal hack.

      Last time I check I only gave you a friendly, non-offending reminder and this is what I get? I don't troll, and it's not my fault that you are horrible at math.
    5. NovaCrack
      hey man srry for disconnecting the chat accidentaly clicked it down :(
      but u cant sleep 2 of my pokemons its against the rules ><
    6. Garrabutartulo
      hey!! can you do me a favour???? :(
    7. Youngster Joey
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