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    1. hoiboy
      I'm back, so you might want to catch me on IRC. I'll try to log on more often between now and saturday.
    2. zarator
      Hello, I'd like to inform you that, if you don't PM me your Strikeout Pokémon for the Round 1 of Strikeout Tournament: Black/White edition within approximately 20 hours, you are going to be replaced with a substitute.
    3. hoiboy
      Okay, I'll probably be available tomorrow, so find me on IRC for the milotic.
    4. LeftiesWillRule
      I haz de Chople. :)
    5. DeathxShinigami
      Hey, we're paired up for the strikeout tournament. My timezone is -7 GMT. Kinda busy on the next upcoming weekdays (except monday) usually on during mid-afternoon to late night. When's a good time for you to play?
    6. Wobb
      I was wondering if you want to battle.
      So wanna have a battle with me?
      My Friend Code is in my signature
    7. Elemt
      I can trade whenever
    8. Zacchaeus
    9. LeftiesWillRule
      Sadly, no. I had no idea it would take this long, as this is my first time growing that particular berry in the dream world.
    10. Nightmare13
      Yes I'm aware, but I do have other things to do as well. Sorry.

      I didn't really see anything I needed in your thread, though.
    11. Wobb
      Yeah i saw it and was like "i need that"
      I like yours too, it's from Fatecrashers right?
      I love vanillite's face ('o') lol
    12. Zoap
      nope its a trasher, enjoy the wacan berry
    13. Zoap
      yea lemme add you real quick and I'll see you in the wifi room.
    14. Zoap
      I might have a Wacan berry lemme check.

      That I do, my FC is:3739 8928 4447
    15. Nightmare13
      Let me know if you still need those pokemon from my thread. Sorry it took so long to respond, I've been pretty busy.
    16. LeftiesWillRule
      I was hoping to get UU posted before I open, but I'm so busy I may as well open it. So yeah, you can post.
    17. Fatecrashers
      yes you can use it as your avatar
    18. franky
      kk msg me tgere
    19. franky
      yo lets do the tourny
    20. hoiboy
      catch me on #smogonwifi for scrafty
    21. LeftiesWillRule
      x.0 I mean Chople. The Chople plant is still growing.
    22. LeftiesWillRule
      I checked, and my Occa plant is still growing.
    23. tomtom5858
      Congrats on the 800 XD
    24. Darkmaster77
      hi i'm at home right now if u want to trade :p
    25. LeftiesWillRule
      Presumably tomorrow. Sunday night I left my poke asleep, then I took it back Monday, only to find out that I can't put to sleep one after I woke one up the same day. And today (like every Tuesday) the Global Link is down for maintainance. So tomorrow I should be able to go online and harvest my berries.

      Geez, if it isn't enough that they make you register two accounts and shamefacedly play games designed for 8-year-olds in order to get cool pokemon only serious guys in their late teens and 20s would care about. :P
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