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Last Activity:
Apr 9, 2011
Jul 27, 2010
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Louisiana, US


from Louisiana, US

multijdrizzle was last seen:
Apr 9, 2011
    1. multijdrizzle
      afk for a sec
    2. zapzap29
      GG. Haha, that baton pass sub just wrecked me.
    3. zapzap29
      I'm on wifi when you're ready
    4. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      yeah, good game. You definitely need a spinner or poison soaker for TS.
      Voice Chat is quite fun actually. *updates sig*
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    Black Player's name:Rain (FC: 5200 2118 5911)
    HG Player's name: Elijah (4168 9776 5761)

    Standard rules and no bliss/cress/skarm(only one per team). Also, in gen 5 I use dream world abilities. I use legal Pokemon only. If I disconnect it's because the Internet shuts off if anyone answers the phone. If you want to record, it is cool with me.


    Louisiana, US
    Real Name:
    HGSS Friend Code:
    4168 9776 5761
    BW Friend Code:
    4512 7093 7616
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