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Jul 8, 2017
Mar 27, 2010
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    1. Eden's Embrace
      Eden's Embrace
      good post about the wc....i agree
    2. We Three Kings
      We Three Kings
      We play for POCL. I'm GMT +2, and can play most days on the evening my time. Any specific days that work for you?
    3. Astamatitos
      Hi, we are matched for the WCOP qualifiers. I'd prefer to get this done over the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. I should be available most of the day then. Let me know if that works for you.
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      2. .Mx
        i think saturday works better, but if i can, I will be online friday night, bust most probably saturday because i work until late
        Jun 6, 2016
      3. Astamatitos
        Same with me. Shall we say Saturday around 8 pm GMT+1 as a starting point?
        Jun 7, 2016
      4. Astamatitos
        Hey man i'm online. Let me know when you are too.
        Jun 11, 2016
    4. Posho
      lol cuánto hate hay en esta wall :(, le daré un poquito de amor :3 love emex
    5. Fabulous but lazy
      Fabulous but lazy
      Regalame una ola!!!!
    6. .Mx
    7. CTC
      i think ur weak use of defense mechanisms doesn't really conceal ur embarrassment bruh (heres a link incase u dont know wat dat is http://psychcentral.com/lib/2007/15-common-defense-mechanisms/all/1/ ur using #1 aka denial btw) we already know u got ur ass smashed by mcm, and u tried so hard in the game too. also using manigga Em's lyrics is a sign of disassociation (#4) and calling me a fan is projection (#6) so basically ur trynna hide the fact that u is a bitch and ur jelly of me and other relevant users such as Bloo and MCM. You even posted on my wall and ur own wall twice which shows how insecure u are. maybe next time u can use less primitive mechanisms and try #14 for example, and compensate for ur lack of presence in this game with say an achievement in real life. maybe u can post a diploma to my wall next time to prove a point!
      stay in school boyz n gurls
    8. .Mx
      Cool bro, I'm glad I inspire you, but BRD
      Why are you so mad? Try to understand, that I do want you as a fan
      I just don't want you to do some crazy shit.

      I gave the win to mcm cause my team already won and also I'm retired, I don't play poke anymore. Maybe four years ago i would've care about this, cheers beloved fan ;)
    9. CTC
      i got #1 back (BAN ME PLEASE) suck ma nutzzzzz
      also that was princess bri on my alt the other time cuz hes a fucking (BAN ME PLEASE) lel.
      smd garbo get 5-0d by MCM more plz
    10. DestinyUnknown
      lol pasa de los retrasados estos que van de ''negratas'', todo el mundo con dos dedos de frente sabe de sobra que no son nadie por mucho que ellos se piensen que lo son. Buen owned le has dado a alguno por cierto jajajaja
    11. Honus
      fanboy or hater?!?
    12. AB2
      Hmmm, well that's an awfully good question. I have seen the hate you have gotten for the posts you have made in the Smogon Tour Finals thread and I really have to say that I'm glad you're sticking up for what you believe in. With the rough n' tumble environment of the smogon tournament forum, I'm glad to see an honest and skilled player that knows how to tell it like it is. I'm really glad that in all of the hectic mess between the drama of the upcoming world cup and the recent discovery of horrific crimes of grease trafficking that there is one user who can speak their mind even with all of the opposition.

      Please keep standing up for your opinion. We're on the internet, we have free speech here and I'm glad that you're speaking your mind as that is one of the many beautiful uses of the Internet. You can express your well thought out and supported beliefs for everyone to see and I for one am in complete agreement with you. I am absolutely disgusted with the way that some of the tournament players have conducted themselves and I hope that one day you can be promoted to admin just to give them a reality check naw im sayin? For that, I would like to thank you, I love you.

      Btw ur hot.
    13. AB2
    14. dice
    15. .Mx
      Wish you the best luck Metobest ;)
    16. -Tsunami-
      who cares if ur in 1st and we're in second. seeding means nothing rofl. that just means your team exerted extra meaningless effort because we're both in playoffs :)
      anyway, we'll rape u
    17. -Tsunami-
      yawn us central will win cuz ur team sucks LOL
      also thanks I know im the best :)
    18. .Mx
      Cheers Stone_Cold :)
    19. -Tsunami-
      .Mx learn to not post on your own wall kthx.
    20. Stone_Cold
      I remember you from 2009. You weren't very good. Lol
    21. .Mx
      HAHAHA n00bs like you need to presume other players like brd or bloo, cause you suck man.

      you mad cause Odin > bloo.

      That's why a lot of LA players dont come here, no real challenge here, when we come we peak #1 and got bored or have to listen to your complains when you lose guys, zZzz
    22. CTC
      Dude why r u trying so hard faking logs to talk shit bro? noone gives a fuck if u stopped playing in 2010 or if ur mom sucked dick for a living. i have the most wins out of all ou players in the spl and who dfuk r u ?_? a random from 2009 now sucking cyberodins dick to stay relevant. ooook
    23. CTC
      well aint that nice im #1 on po currently so wat r u trying to say ?_?
      are u crying over the fact that u are no longer relevant and that noone gives a fuck about what u have to say anymore? Go back to shoddy then, im sure it's still pretty popular with the windows xp users.
      p.s. nice screenshot from 2009 bro good for u
    24. CTC
      do u know what kind of luck is relevant luck and what kind of luck is irrelevant?? You see 1 crit and u say "haxed"??? fuckin assumptuous retard arguing with u is a waste of time because u have no idea how to play and ur just a nobody in general
    25. CTC
      looks like my post calling u out was deleted
      but i still saved a puush for u
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