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Dec 23, 2014 at 10:27 PM
Sep 16, 2007
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Smooth; slick; succinct.

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Nachos was last seen:
Dec 23, 2014 at 10:27 PM
    1. Random Pizzaman
      Random Pizzaman
      I never go on IRC, but we can do it over PM.
    2. Random Pizzaman
      Random Pizzaman
      We have to make teams and battle for the Counterpick tourney.
    3. San_Pellegrino
      yo, we're paired for st7
    4. LizardMan
      kk, we have it under control now.
    5. LizardMan
      Hello, someone on PurpleSurge said they were you in a war. Is that true, or is it an imposter?

      There has been a dispute going down in a war match, so I am just curious. xD
    6. Varment
      Alright, I have exams still for school. I should be free by the weekend (preferably Sunday since Sat is for sleep catchup :p) Whats good for you?
    7. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      sorry about that mom is being a bitch.
    8. Salad
      Actually go on PokemonExperte. TU is down atm :/
    9. Salad
      nachos, i'll be on TU to do my ST7 match with you. Go on when you see this message ^_^
    10. undisputed
      hey so i think you and i are screwed. iirc you are like gmt-1 and i cant be online during your normal times because of school. I also have a tournament this weekend so im going to be out of town the whole weekend. ill talk to rey and try to get an extension
    11. sheep
      i'm a mod on the tu server how did you not see me ffs
    12. sheep
      you're never on the tu server....
    13. Echosofchaoz
      Hey! Team Plasma is recruiting people and you have been picked! Once Team Plasma gets more active will have give aways tournaments and all kinds of other contest! Im currently looking for Admins and executives etc. If your interested join up! ^_^

      Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaos
    14. joshe
    15. joshe
    16. joshe
    17. Comet
      I have one thing to say to you; You better win it all, you bastard. >:<
    18. Comet
      Hey, we got paired for the Smogon Tour. Where do you wanna do our battle?
    19. joshe
      NACHOS :D
    20. joshe
      nachooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos ;D
    21. Hawk Eye
      Hawk Eye
      Alright, we're both on. You free to battle? Im on CAP as GP.
    22. fuzzy
      Can we meet at CAP? :)
    23. whistle
      hey we're paired for r1 of stage three. i didnt play the early stages (which is what this round is) so ill have to make a team. also i just got my wisdom teeth out today so not really gonna be in the mood for concentration for a while (apparently mine were worse than most). so lets play next weekend? do any times saturday or sunday night for you work (which is afternoon for me)
    24. Eternal
      Ok then. I'm available to battle right now. I'm on Teamuber server as "Eternal" if you want to battle now.
    25. Eternal
      Also, I just realized we're matched up for SPL too. Would you like to count both our matches towards both of the tournament or do two different battles for each tournament?
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