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Aug 4, 2015 at 6:04 PM
May 14, 2010
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May 19



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Viewing forum World Cup of Pokemon, Aug 4, 2015 at 6:04 PM
    1. royal flush
      royal flush
      Hey I won't be at home till Tuesday and the wifi here sucks and stuff so yeah I guess we are gonna play only when I come back, sorry, dude. ):
    2. ZandgaiaX
      hmmmm Today's Saturday and how 'bout Smogon Time (+1) 5:00 or 9:00? And then see if we get it done today or tomorrow
    3. Emil
      Dangit. I missed ya again. We should set up a time to both be online at the same time. If you come back on again tonight and read this, then PM me instead of this visitor message thing. The PM's get sent to my email on my phone, so if I'm not on here then I'll get the email and get on promptly.
    4. ZandgaiaX
      hmmmm I see you're online.
      We could try it now if you want
    5. ZandgaiaX
      why hello there *cough*

      We're up against each other in Smogon Tournament ;)
      My timezone is +1 and I can play usually everyday 'round 8'clock with +0
    6. The_Chaser
      Sorry for not responding i should be able to be on most of the time until the deadline, I'm usually on IRC or PO.
    7. doomvendingmachine
      (23:32:25) eaglesrock: i apologize for my actions
      (23:32:33) +Reverb: apologize is a strong word
      (23:32:33) ScubaSteve: famine hasn't got shit on my ban
      (23:32:43) ScubaSteve: did you battle vs MD?
      (23:32:45) eaglesrock: well
      (23:32:45) doomvendingmachine: fuck is also a strong word
      (23:32:48) eaglesrock: i cant think of anything else
      (23:32:51) +Reverb: hahahaha
      (23:32:52) eaglesrock: so apologize
      (23:32:59) +Bot: doomvendingmachine was megausered.
    8. doomvendingmachine
      Guess who's back, back again? Doom is back, tell a friend. Get on PO whenever you can.
    9. royal flush
      royal flush
      Oh sure, I'm on pretty much the whole night everyday, GMT -3. I wanna test some stuff before, so Friday sounds good to me. Query me on IRC.
    10. Emil
      I'll be on Thursday and Friday from 5-9 PM GMT-8 if that will work for you. If not, then just let me know.
    11. Emil
      I'm usually on evening time GMT -8. But if you're still on now, let's just get this done.
    12. comatthew6
      hi nails! I'm bored.
    13. ala
      you are thinking of me, good sir
    14. ala
      nails, just a question

      y are u so ugly
    15. SlimMan
      Ah, at least it's got a whole year to improve. Or get worse. Hopefully the former.
    16. SlimMan
      Oh right. I actually saw that a couple weeks ago, I think. I didn't check the thread when I pm'ed you.

      How was your New Year?
    17. SlimMan
      I don't really care what it is. It's one of those things you get for doing good on Smogon. Those are all one-and-the-same to me.

      So... noms are over for LC, but I haven't seen a place to vote yet. Curious.
    18. SlimMan
      Just noticed. Someone got a new badge.
    19. BlocksRcool
      Merry Christmas Nails! :toast:
    20. comatthew6
      Best Little Cup Battler
      - Chomper The Sharptooth
      - Elevator Music
      - Heysup
      - Vader
      - Dubulous

      we (well, mostly you) were snubbed. Also, so was Bluewind.
    21. Venser
      I wanted to apologize for that DPP battle. I was called AFK and completely forgot PO was open. Don't hold it against me! :P
    22. shartruce2
      hey we're opps for the pound for pound tournament, when do you want to do this?
    23. B-Lulz
      i should be able to play later today, should be modding PO or on irc so just contact me there
    24. snorlax
      if you're still online, i'll be on cap
    25. snorlax
      gmt -8, friday/saturday works best
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