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Jan 30, 2015 at 12:25 AM
May 14, 2010
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EAST 2014

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Nails was last seen:
Jan 30, 2015 at 12:25 AM
    1. Optimusje
      Hmh, would sunday 7 pm my time be doable? (1 pm for you if im correct)
    2. Scimjara
      Are you currently on iphone now?
    3. Scimjara
      Want to play now?
    4. Optimusje
      What timezone are you in? I'm GMT +1 and usually available around 7 pm my time (also now, but im about to leave). I'll be on various IRC channels including the LC one, at which I think i've seen you before aswell, so I suppose this shouldnt be too hard to do
    5. Scimjara
      Lets play for dat dere tourny
    6. Mizuno
      I saw you earlier Sunday but you logged off shortly after, and I wasn't able to be online later during the day :( Anyways, I will be online today after 7PM (-4GMT) until like midnight.
    7. tobi10
      Hey get on TU. I am ready now !
    8. Mizuno
      Tomorrow and/or Sunday should be good. I just got home after a long day today. I am currently on my iphone, but I will have my computer with me tomorrow. See you then!
    9. tobi10
      hey you are my opponent for the uu tournament, I will be available most of tomorrow (10 am - 2 pm gmt-6) hopefully we can get this done asap.. no luck C:
    10. kencrash360
      Sorry about not replying, ive been kind of busy and i forgot about our battle. My laptop is a jerk, it was never able to open Shoddy battle for some reason. I tried redownloading it today but its still not working, even though I have the latest Java. I dont want to keep you waiting so it looks like I forfeit. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    11. Mizuno
      Hmmm I don't know when I will be available today, but I will be online tomorrow night. If I am available later today I'll let you know.
    12. Mizuno
      Oh sorry lol, completely forgot to reply. Anyways I should be available tomorrow and Thursday after 7pm EST.
    13. franky
    14. Navy
      PO has Officially released 5th gen!
    15. lJLeeRSX7
      ok i flipped the coin and it says that you've won the battle
    16. lJLeeRSX7
      just tell sounsis or whoever the TO was that you won, i really don't have time to play since we missed our battle over the weekend
    17. banshee_beat
      hey man i'm in rural iowa right now visiting my grandparents for the weekend and i have limited computer time. i'll get the comments to you in the next two days ^^
    18. Navy
      Yeah man.

      It came down to my DDance Dragonite-Life Orb

      Vs His Zapdos and Meta, if his Zapdos didn't putt my Dragonite on KO range with Life Orb, i would of won easily...
    19. San_Pellegrino
      OKay, I was testing, and timid Heatran running Stealth rock, explosion, Earth power, Fire blast is much more effective than jirachi.
    20. San_Pellegrino
      How's the team we made doing?
    21. Towelie
      you should go on cap. i wanna test a new team
    22. Phantom_IV
      Looks like we're not playing each other anymore. Pairings changed.
    23. Nails
      yeah I am. i suck at NU though. Or maybe it's the team. Whatever, LC is my game.
    24. Friar
      youre always a good challenge on the NU ladder, didnt know you were on smogon!
    25. Sprinkles
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