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Aug 30, 2015 at 2:49 AM
May 14, 2010
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Nails was last seen:
Aug 30, 2015 at 2:49 AM
    1. snorlax
      weds. is best, but more important is the time, i cant spend all day on the computer, so if you can give me a range or something i would really appreciate it.
    2. snorlax
      please tell me you're online now. i would like to battle at least once today
    3. snorlax
      we're both online if you want to battle now
    4. snorlax
      we really need to determine an exact time, as both of us could go with "im online, get on PO right now" all week long by just missing each other (like today). when can you get on tomorrow?
    5. snorlax
      if you can get online tomorrow, we can battle for smogon tournament then.
    6. doomvendingmachine
      doomvendingmachine: is this for the LNT?
      undisputed: no
      doomvendingmachine: im not in this one btw
      undisputed: oh
      undisputed: then yes
    7. snorlax
      so when do you want to battle for smogon tournament? im GMT-8 and have lots of free time right now, so let me know
    8. doomvendingmachine
      (00:36:19) +Reverb: sup doom
      (00:36:20) Ala.: lol
      (00:36:21) Chillarmy TEST: p diddy is terrible
      (00:36:22) CoolGuy: Who watches that 70s show
      (00:36:26) Lance Dragon Master: am i the only one who doesnt know who p.diddy is?
      (00:36:29) +Bot: doomvendingmachine was megausered.

    9. doomvendingmachine
      join the PO server, we can still talk there while smogon is down
    10. doomvendingmachine
      Also, you don't know how proud I am for coming up with that sudowoodo set XD
    11. waffles101
      I'm your partner for the VGC 2011 Tournament and I'll be active ~10PM - 10AM GMT I live in Sydney. If you want to arrange a set time (with maybe 1-2 backups) within the next week that would be great but keep in mind I haven't built my team yet. GL
    12. SlimMan
      Ugh, I dread going into PR. But if that's it, then there's no reason not to.

      Thanks Nails.
    13. SlimMan
      Yo Nails,

      I had the current LC banlist memorized.
      But I am epic fail and I forgot it.
      Can you link me to it so I can re-memorize?
      Thank you.
    14. doomvendingmachine
      (11:07:08) +Bot: doomvendingmachine was megausered.

      Suck DOUBLE MUs bitch. XD
    15. royal flush
      royal flush
      Oh well I'm on at Smogon Server as Stocking again, send me a PM there, I'll be online the entire night too, lol.
    16. royal flush
      royal flush
      Sure I'll log on as Stocking, just chall me.
    17. (makeup)
      Hey Nails. I know you don't normally rate teams, but you're pretty much one of the best LC players out there, so could you rate my Little Cup team please? thanks
    18. royal flush
      royal flush
      Hey I won't be at home till Tuesday and the wifi here sucks and stuff so yeah I guess we are gonna play only when I come back, sorry, dude. ):
    19. ZandgaiaX
      hmmmm Today's Saturday and how 'bout Smogon Time (+1) 5:00 or 9:00? And then see if we get it done today or tomorrow
    20. Emil
      Dangit. I missed ya again. We should set up a time to both be online at the same time. If you come back on again tonight and read this, then PM me instead of this visitor message thing. The PM's get sent to my email on my phone, so if I'm not on here then I'll get the email and get on promptly.
    21. ZandgaiaX
      hmmmm I see you're online.
      We could try it now if you want
    22. ZandgaiaX
      why hello there *cough*

      We're up against each other in Smogon Tournament ;)
      My timezone is +1 and I can play usually everyday 'round 8'clock with +0
    23. The_Chaser
      Sorry for not responding i should be able to be on most of the time until the deadline, I'm usually on IRC or PO.
    24. doomvendingmachine
      (23:32:25) eaglesrock: i apologize for my actions
      (23:32:33) +Reverb: apologize is a strong word
      (23:32:33) ScubaSteve: famine hasn't got shit on my ban
      (23:32:43) ScubaSteve: did you battle vs MD?
      (23:32:45) eaglesrock: well
      (23:32:45) doomvendingmachine: fuck is also a strong word
      (23:32:48) eaglesrock: i cant think of anything else
      (23:32:51) +Reverb: hahahaha
      (23:32:52) eaglesrock: so apologize
      (23:32:59) +Bot: doomvendingmachine was megausered.
    25. doomvendingmachine
      Guess who's back, back again? Doom is back, tell a friend. Get on PO whenever you can.
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