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  • Only a few minutes no big deal. Well I have to go I'll talk to you later. And thanks for EV training for me :D
    Oh, I'm so sorry I've kept you waiting. I was replying to an urgent e-mail I'll be right on D:
    I'm back. And about the team thing, no thats entirely out of the question sorry.

    Edit: I sent a pm when you were online. And now you're gone I must've just missed you darn xD

    Oh well I'll catch you next time ok.
    Bozo is a very good friend of mine. If he used adamant it was for a reason switching to jolly might be a bad idea but idk try if you want. I'll need to ask Tyrabsol to move tutor outrage onto it and then ask him to move tutor trick onto the lati and then iron head onto the regi. I'll have him do that when if and when I manage to get the regi and lati.
    Also I edited my last post. Just let me know when you can trade.
    Sure sure, and yes I can get the move sets for the regi and the lati. You want them to have the move sets contained in this post right?

    And it's the Deoxys-D that needs EV training I've used Vitamins on it to it needs these EV's to be finished 6 defense 152 hp 152 special defense.

    As for the second pokemon hmmm, let me think. I'll edit this post with the second one I just need to check my game first.

    Edit: Ok I'll give you my bold Giratina to EV train. It needs these EV's 148 hp 148 defense and 2 special defense. I've used vitamins on it.

    Also I'll be handing you the Deoxys in it's speed form so it's easier to train I've also taught it some attack moves.
    Oh I forgot to tell you I got a redis Latias, though it's level 100 with 252 in speed and special attack not sure if you can use that. Its timid. I've asked Cabage to check my thread for another timid one he has thats UT.And he has a careful Registeel to so trying to get that one to.
    Found my DS. My brother borrowed it >3> I'll pm you later as I'm sure you're probably sleeping at this hour.
    Can't trade right now I miss placed my DS ._.

    I'll VM you when I find it but I got to go now sorry D:

    Can you trade tomorrow I should find it by then...I'm kinda worried xD
    Sure sure. I left the Defense Deoxys alone I just gave it some vitamins it needs 152 in hp and special defense and 6 in defense.

    Just send me a VM with the other pokemon you'd like to EV train thanks :D
    I just grabbed a fresh UT copy of both Deoxys and trained the attack one already it only took about an hour.I had to grab a new one because I couldn't figure out where the 4 EV's went lol And I grabbed an UT one of the defense Deoxys as well. It won't take me long to train that one as well. So don't worry it's fine we all make mistakes no worries mate xD

    I'm not mad or nothing you've really helped me out a lot by doing all this EV training for me so it's understandable if you made a mistake.

    Edit: you know what, I hate training tanks so you can redo the defense one if you like I gave it vitamins it only needs 152 hp, 152 special defense and 6 in def.
    Hey you messed up the defense Deoxys's EV's you put 252 into speed instead of special defense....

    And you missplaced 4 EV's on the attack Deoxys. It's stats at LV100 are as follows.

    HP 241

    Attack 415

    Defense 76

    Special Attack 440

    Special Defense 68

    Speed 438

    This Deoxys is hex flawless with these IV's 31/31/31/31/31/31 with the following EV spread 76 Atk / 180 SAtk / 252 Spe It should have the above stats except with 441 in special attack. You might think I'm splitting hairs with this but thats not the point the point is I expected it to be done correctly.

    Don't worry about the Deoxy's-A it's not that big a deal but erm...the Deoxys-D will have to be redone unless you don't want to redo it which in that case I'll just subtract a credit for it since I only give credits for every properly EV trained pokemon.

    Other than that the rest are EV'd correctly :D
    I'll try looking for a redis registeel and latias for you. I'm just popping in though to check a message I got so I'm leaving right now. I'm going out. I'll catch you later.
    Thank you very much for EV training. If you want copies of those pokes let me know. I added more credits to your total.
    I'm online now, and I will be for a few hours. I'm just going to be watching a movie on my laptop.
    Wonderful. I might not be around in an hour though might be going out. If thats the case we can trade tomorrow or next time we're both online.
    Alright, I can trade now. Smogon servers are really slowing my pages bad. Anyways, which Pokemon was it that you won again? I'll be adding your FC.
    Sorry Smogon's giving me connection problems so it's hard for me to post comments without connection failing on me. I'll be available tonight to trade, as I'm busy RNGing a Pokemon in Black.
    Oh I misunderstood your question. It's original spread was 252 HP / 184 Atk / 36 Def / 36 SpD This is its current spread it needs after vitamins 152 HP / 84 Atk / 6 Def / 6 SpD
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