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Sep 2, 2014 at 4:26 PM
Oct 19, 2007
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Sep 2, 2014 at 4:26 PM
    1. Alice
      i can play today at night, or maybe wed or thu instead...
    2. Alice
      hi, i'm gmt-6 and i tend to be around at night, usually on irc as Alice_ on #kawaii
    3. Furai
    4. Pkn range6
      Pkn range6
      Hey do you think you could look over my Registeel analysis so I can possibly get a 3rd QC check.
    5. LonelyNess
      I'm on right now
    6. Rohail
      Hey RT, I have posted my Sigilyph (UU) Skeleton. So please check over it when you have time. Thanks
    7. Valentine
      just got on, looks like i missed you :/
    8. Valentine
      sup rock tits. we're opponents for boom tour. im mst, or gmt -8. when would you like to play
    9. idiotfrommars

      message me on irc and we can fight
    10. Nelson
      alright, we should normally be able to do this tonight (for me which means the following hour from now). I'm gonna take a bath. As soon as you get on, go to this server
      my alt will be "Yollow", call me then, hoping we won't miss each other in a slide of 15 minutes..
    11. Nelson
      alright, you want me to be clear then, fine. I'm pretty much on during the afternoon but not after 8 pm on saturday cuz i'll be off and not after 9:30 pm, last limit tonight. Plz make an afford to join these slices of hours which are pretty much big. Otherwise it will have to occur sunday 8:30 pm if you can't make it the weekend, cya
    12. Nelson
      well, i'm most of the time hanging out at that time since the weekend e,e

      but either friday, saturday or in the worse case, sunday, it shall be good
    13. Nelson
      Saturday 11:30 am GMT +2 or 5:30 pm same day should be good
    14. Nelson
      uww, kinda too late. I'm pretty free today, just vm me hen even u can and i'll try to get on !
    15. Nelson
      Sup. I'm GMT +2 (western europe), would you like to play tonight like in 50 mins from this post ?
    16. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      ok ill probably get on at like 6 PM (or, 2 hours before now since idk your time zone)
    17. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      @ what time
    18. Bad Ass
    19. cim
      i should get him this weekend, if not i'll give it up
    20. ScraftyIsTheBest
      Nope. I'll most likely get back on it on Friday, maybe earlier.
    21. Magcargo
      hey, did you delete my message because it was short?
    22. DestinyUnknown
      not sure if I'll be today (I'll try to catch you on IRC), if not we'll just do sunday
    23. DestinyUnknown
      when do we battle?

      I mean we see each other on IRC everyday but just wanted to know what day is best for you
    24. Metric
      I'll get Eel written up by the end of this weekend, but I'm afraid I'll have to drop Weavile and Sigilyph, I just don't have the time to complete them anymore. Sorry about that.
    25. -Tsunami-
      yo. ready to play?
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