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Apr 22, 2012
Apr 7, 2012
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Apr 22, 2012
    1. Limi
      it's not only you. everybody who is under 13 and gets caught is banned. and the 6 months are a compromise because I don't know whether you turn 13 tomorrow or in 11 months.

      and fyi, COPPA is a law that states that people have to be 13 or older in order to give out personal information without parental consent. and let me quote the rules here: Smogon enforces COPPA. If you admit to being under the age of thirteen, you will be banned until you become thirteen years old.
      should be clear enough.
    2. NAWWAF12
    3. NAWWAF12
      i meant how to make a thread
    4. Pancham
      Hello, Thunder already told you how to make a new post.
    5. NAWWAF12
      You mean" new posts"? Oh thanks <3 E:3-/ that's a.whimsicott
    6. blunder
      Haha, Hi, to start a thread you need to go to the page you want to start a thread and there should be a "Post new Thread" button somewhere near the top
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