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Last Activity:
Oct 17, 2012
Sep 18, 2012
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    1. ndlz
    2. Rakan
      i'll be on PS as allmyalts
    3. Rakan
      I really do apologize, my saturday is now busy through the night, does Sunday work at all?
    4. Rakan
      I'm busy tonight unfortunately, does Saturday night around the same time work?
    5. Rakan
      I am not home at the moment unfortunately.

      You can't just randomly vm me and expect me to be able to play, I do have other obligations... Why don't we set up a time either tomorrow or Friday that we can agree on and battle then.
    6. ndlz
      yeah that would probably work
    7. Rakan
      I'd prefer to battle in the evening, since that's really early for me and I'm likely still in class or on my way home from class :/

      Anytime after 5 PM my time so 8 PM your time works?
    8. Rakan
      Hello I believe we are opponents for the team tourney. I am currently out of the country, but I'll be able to battle after the 23rd. I'm gmt -8 btw. Please let me know what time you can battle.
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