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May 24, 2015 at 11:06 AM
Apr 10, 2011
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April 24


Young, Wild & Free, from Benelux

Nelson was last seen:
May 24, 2015 at 11:06 AM
    1. Scimjara
      Hey Nelson-X when would you like to play for the DPP tourny?
    2. Chieliee
      hurry up with the flag, they're making the r1 thread now, it has to be sent in before that!
    3. McMeghan
      stop poster dans le thread wcop, parce que ça sert tout simpleement à rien, y aura pas d'autre changement, de plus on est pas les seuls touché pour info, la team LA doit dégager Noodlez et je sais pas si d'autres teams ont le même truc

      stp, t'as pas tort mais ça n'apportera rien, on gagnera quand même
    4. Harsha
      my avatar wasn't a penis :(
    5. Chieliee
      also tell your photoshop friend to add dutch flag at the bottom too, maybe on the left side, opposite to the belgium one idk
    6. Great Sage
      Great Sage
      Because a Pokemon website is totally analogous to concentration camps in which millions of people were enslaved or killed.
    7. The Kyle
      The Kyle
      i'll be online on groundon's grottos during next hours so when you see join groundon's grottos and send me a pm ;)
    8. The Kyle
      The Kyle
      i was offline, i'll be online during tomorrow at afternoon/evening in gmt -3, if you can't play at this times tell me when you want to play
    9. Vinc2612
      Désolé pour le retard, je voulais finir un truc et j'y ai plus pensé après.
      Je t'ai mis administrateur le temps que tu récupères tes trucs, comme ça le forum reste fermé mais t'y a accès.
    10. Delko
      Klopt, maar jij bent zeker geen stil water :o
    11. Mekkah
      i am eating cheese right now

    12. Jets
      can you get on the server for our ST match ?_?
    13. Delko
      We all did :o
    14. Harsha
      loool it's a dragonite :P

      yeah people keep telling me that :(
    15. Ojama
      je n'ai pas prétendu le contraire =/
    16. Ojama
      attends, j'essaye de trouver le rapport
    17. Ojama
      quand tu cesseras tes gamineries à m'appeler par mon prénom, je m'intéresserai à ton cas.

    18. Delko
    19. tml
      So I was correct that you are Umberto Tozzi
    20. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      thank you for being such a good sport in the end.
      I'm sorry for BW OU's team matchup BS. I've had that happen to me too many times.

      DPP OU still the way to go :D may we play again in the future (and not get such a bad matchup.)
    21. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      alright. I hope I can make it and get home quickly enough. As soon as I get home I'll connect on FT. I don't plan on Johning.

      If of course I get home incredibly late or can't make it I'll VM you letting you know as soon as I get home, and if it's way too late you can likely take the win. But I should be able to get home in time.
    22. Mynism
    23. Ripamon
      :((((. what happened?
    24. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Paris is +1 iirc, so I believe you're six hours ahead of me.
      I can find you on the French Time server tomorrow at roughly 10 pm-11 pm your time, depending on when I get home.

      I'll be active.
    25. Eo Ut Mortus
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