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Nov 28, 2014 at 2:35 AM
Apr 10, 2011
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April 24


Young, Wild & Free, from Benelux

Bring me to OneD Jul 6, 2013

Nelson was last seen:
Nov 28, 2014 at 2:35 AM
    1. Ojama
      attends, j'essaye de trouver le rapport
    2. Ojama
      quand tu cesseras tes gamineries à m'appeler par mon prénom, je m'intéresserai à ton cas.

    3. Delko
    4. tml
      So I was correct that you are Umberto Tozzi
    5. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      thank you for being such a good sport in the end.
      I'm sorry for BW OU's team matchup BS. I've had that happen to me too many times.

      DPP OU still the way to go :D may we play again in the future (and not get such a bad matchup.)
    6. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      alright. I hope I can make it and get home quickly enough. As soon as I get home I'll connect on FT. I don't plan on Johning.

      If of course I get home incredibly late or can't make it I'll VM you letting you know as soon as I get home, and if it's way too late you can likely take the win. But I should be able to get home in time.
    7. Mynism
    8. Ripamon
      :((((. what happened?
    9. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Paris is +1 iirc, so I believe you're six hours ahead of me.
      I can find you on the French Time server tomorrow at roughly 10 pm-11 pm your time, depending on when I get home.

      I'll be active.
    10. Eo Ut Mortus
    11. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      I'm EST - so gmt-5. Free after 5 pm my time tomorrow, after 6 pm my time today, and after 5 pm my time on Friday.
    12. CriCri95
      Wsh le rebelle qui se fait ban !
    13. Delko
      Hahaha :D
      (unfortunately it's true)
    14. CriCri95
      Arrête de me spamm :v
    15. Delko
      Dankje ;)
    16. Z-rex
      bon je suis pret là , j'ai submit ma team btw .

      viens sur FT :d
    17. Z-rex
      yop !

      sérieux j'aimerai bien mais je test tjrs pour voir quelle team je vais jouer , (et je suis une bouse en vgc aussi ) , ce soir c'est pas possible pour moi de toute façon , mais dans la semaine avant samedi y a moyen , je sais pas jeudi ou vendredi ?
    18. Delko
      I see what you did here ;)
    19. Solace
      hey we have to play for the metronome tournament - lmk when you can
    20. Ojama
      Je pense pouvoir me co dans une trentaine de minutes
    21. Ojama
      Ok dsl pour ce soir mais j'ai pas pu me co et la je suis sur phone. Etant au ski je n'ai internet qu'a l' exterieur de l'appartement dans une salle de jeux mais je viendrai demain vers 19h
    22. Ojama
      Je tente de me co ce soir mais je te promets rien
    23. Ojama
      Je suis au ski je tenterai demain de me co avec l'ordinateur de mon frère
    24. Pocket
      Haha, wow, that's a pretty interesting Virizion set :d It seems to hit virtually everything hard (except for Latis and Reuniclus) - I may try it out some time!

      In the contrary, it's actually the team rater's job to provide solutions to the identified problem, or else it's not a full-rate. However, it doesn't seem like you were trying to give a rate ;o
    25. InsanityVoid
      Lol I had no pokemon too beat him too many weak too ala's attacks XD
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