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May 26, 2011
Aug 21, 2010
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May 26, 2011
    1. VKCA
    2. dragonite8
      lol, PM me when your avitar gaves someone a seizure XD
    3. VKCA
      hey shit head
      how goes it
    4. BattleStar
      Welcome back so nice to see you agai n wheres the boss?
    5. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Okie dokie! ^_^
    6. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Meh...none. I honestly didn't care anymore anyways. It had run it's coarse. lol
    7. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Bitch, I AM TRC!!! lol...They took over a Smogon social group that I didn't even care about anymore! HAHAHAHA...And then tried to rub it in my face like a bunch of retards!

      I really could care less...I think it's hilarious actually! LOL
    8. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      I just can't live in a world where looks, status, and money matter!!! I just can't!!!! LOL
    9. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      I know, what the hell are we going to do? Like...live? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I'm so scared of the real world! Hurry! Lets win them over, become moderators and go on a ego trip to hide our pain and lack of existence!!! Please Neyo...we must!!!! LMFAO!!!
    10. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      I'm not sure I can, as I am not a moderator! Oh no!!!

    11. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      I know I will! =)

      Yea, if I am still alive we can...might just kill myself now. LOL
    12. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Oh nooo!!!!...The moderators have invaded your page Neyo!!!! LOL

      Your life is basically over now...because you know, this is all you have to live for and all! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
    13. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Nah, I'll get it for you. I just need to force myself to look.

      Yea, I have him, but it took me forever to get one. Not because of the price, but just because he never shows up that often. You should get him if you can!
    14. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Okay...deal! lol
      Ugh...it's so frustrating because the ones that you want are so tiny and easily overlooked. =/
      Yes...I am a monster...you already knew that! haha

      I doubt he will stay $25 for long, but if you can get him for less than $40 you will be doing extremely well. The people didn't list his name in the listing and he isn't dressed, so people will not be attracted to him as quick as they usually would be. I think you have a very good shot at getting him for cheap. He is from series 2 and that entire series is rare. Not many KK collectors even have 1 of the 6. He is the rarest.
    15. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
    16. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      I'm so sorry, I have been looking for it, but I soon realized that I have over 900 sprites/graphics in my "Sprite" folder. lol I was on a rampage for awhile, hunting them all down in like a week. haha

      I will find it for you, I promise!
    17. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      LOL @ your comment! <3
    18. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Bahahahahaha...you're such a bitch...with NO life!!!! LOL

      I love how people have the ability to determine random peoples entire existence online without knowing anything about them at all! haha
    19. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      No joke...I just LOVE the attention I get from the king and Chris...they are so important and well liked on here. Makes me feel uber special and all! LOL
    20. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Blaa...I'm a whinny (BAN ME PLEASE)! LOL

      I would love to do that...both, the shower dancing and the "random bleat on the street"!!!
    21. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Not yet...thank god. I just do hundreds of crunches and type really fast! lol

      I have no idea...apparently whatever he was doing! haha
    22. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      Haha...caffeine! lol
    23. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      That man...was...interesting. lol
    24. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      What. The. Fuck??!! LOL

      Yea, I think so...poor guy! haha
    25. TRC Boss Lux
      TRC Boss Lux
      A lot of them are from Canada I've noticed...I've been there...it's not so great! lol
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