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Oct 31, 2014 at 12:44 AM
Oct 6, 2009
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Nov 8, 1986 (Age: 27)
Ill-gotten badges


what is béisbol, Male, 27, from Ill-gotten badges

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Can't beat stupid. Jul 6, 2013

NixHex was last seen:
Viewing thread, Oct 31, 2014 at 12:44 AM
    1. Eyelander
      Sure, going on Wifi now
    2. Aqualead12
      Jolly ScarfTar 31/31/31/x/31/31 for MattJ's Azelf, yes?

      I'll do this. Let me know when you can trade
    3. Eyelander
      Sure, LMK when you're free, and what your FC is
    4. NixHex
      yeah just looked at it. Congrats! I'm working on mine still... it's posted but it's pretty barren, check it out in my sig.
    5. KuyaJBoy
      Oh also I finally put up my trade thread. Check it out!
    6. KuyaJBoy
      Okay. Tonight is fine. VM me when you're on.
    7. zahir
      You didnt reply to my last PM, everything alright?
    8. KuyaJBoy
      Are you cloning through GTS? That method really scares me.
    9. KuyaJBoy
      I can't right now. I'm trying to RNG Latias and currently in the E4. I'll get back to you in about 30min or so.
    10. Sekundes
      Hey, are you still interested in tutoring me? I sent you a PM and haven't gotten a reply back
    11. KuyaJBoy
      Not yet lol, but I'm getting there. My brother is making the banners and it should be up soon.
    12. Rawrior
      Hey, I was looking on the 1000 Paper Porygon thread,
      and it told me to VM one of the tutors to see if they had a student spot available.
      so...do you have a student spot available?
    13. Wildfire
      Forgot, instead of teaching me to rng in dppt can you teach me in hggs instead?
    14. Wildfire
      Well, I don't have AIM or yahoo, but I can download it. Which is easier and faster to download?
    15. Pewbz
      Hey, I heard for KuyaJBoy that you were an expert with the RNG Manipulation stuff
      I was wondering if you were planning on tutoring people on how to RNG? The smogon guide is making it sound more complicated...at least I think it is.
    16. KuyaJBoy
      Yessir. Timid 31/17]/31/31/31/31. I saw a shiny Timid spread with 31/10/27/30/30/29 , but I don't know if it's worth it to sacrifice the IVs for shinyness.
    17. KuyaJBoy
      I actually forgot to tell you that I got the Suicune I got lol. I was on the correct frame, but I was really smart and checked the nature synch box without a syncher whatsoever. I really wanted a shiny Suicune, but none of the results yielded one with good IVs.
    18. KuyaJBoy
      Well I finally hit my seed and got to the correct frame, or so I thought. When capturing, do I advance the frame to the frame I want or to the frame just below like when getting an egg?
    19. Sekundes
      yeah, if you have a space open I'd love to be tutored. I already know the basics of finding the proper seed with rng reporter for what I want and the basics of using emloop, the main trouble I'm coming across is hitting my seed and trying to see if I found the right IVs since I don't own an AR :(
    20. KuyaJBoy
      I think helping me search may help me more in the long run. How high a frame should I go when trying to find a desirable seed?
    21. KuyaJBoy
      I'm all set to dominate with my BREEDED Pokemon. Unfortunately, I do not know any basics on catching wild Pokemon nor do I know anything about catching legendaries. I'm going to try and catch Suicune in my HG, but I don't know how to start. Are you able to clone? I would like you to have a copy of my Shiny Naive 31/30/31/30/31/30 Magnemite with Magnet Pull. It is Semi Redis for you. I changed it from full because I was a little confused then about what it meant. So I'm only allowing you to trade it. Please use my HG FC.
    22. KuyaJBoy
      I am excited to tell you that I just accomplished my first HGSS RNG abuse with a Shiny Naive HP Fire 70 Magnemite with Magnet Pull. If you can clone, then you can have a Full Redis copy of it.
    23. Wildfire
      I don't know if you got the pm or not, but can you tutor me?
    24. KuyaJBoy
    25. KuyaJBoy
      So I got my shiny Pokemon with nature and ability. What are the steps in advancing the frame? I've read how Elm calls will skip the first three calls and go directly to the 4th frame call. Does RNG Reporter start at 1? How do I know which calls to ignore?
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    Nov 8, 1986 (Age: 27)
    Ill-gotten badges
    Real Name:
    Richard Nixon
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Thoroughly cunning
    PT Friend Code:
    1677 0377 0806
    HGSS Friend Code:
    4297 5788 4001
    BW Friend Code:
    1205 9444 1179
    3DS Friend Code:
    0087 3010 3052


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