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Jan 31, 2015 at 2:02 PM
Oct 6, 2009
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Nov 8, 1986 (Age: 28)
Ill-gotten badges


musty_yugoslavian_teacher, Male, 28, from Ill-gotten badges

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Can't beat stupid. Jul 6, 2013

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Viewing thread ORAS OU SPL Replay & General Talk Thread, Jan 31, 2015 at 2:02 PM
    1. x T x
      x T x
      Hey I was looking at your sig and saw that u are a teacher in using RNG. I was wondering if you can add me to the waiting list.
    2. Zari
      It's doing okay; Kinda stalled atm because of end of year crunch and all (we get out on the 10th, almost there) I've had to put almost everything on hold for school lately, most wifi stuff too. I've gotten a few things done (expect a RMT and a warstory with me in it coming soon), but the big stuff will have to wait for a few days.
    3. KuyaJBoy
      Can you enlighten me on encounter slots? I've always wondered about catch RNG; do you have to be lucky that the Pokemon you want appears after you verify your seed?
    4. KuyaJBoy
      I did the method where I catch it after it respawns after defeating the E4. This means that if Latios is the only Pokemon you knock out, then its frame will be one.
    5. Wildfire
      In the last vm I meant: I don't know when to start the game. I have to go play the violin so I probably won't be online after this.
    6. Wildfire
      I was using the j method. I don't know when so start the game though. Should I click generate more times?
    7. Wildfire
      I have the new rng reporter and I clicked time finder. I put in modest, and all the ivs and things for the second seed. It said the frame was 95. The frame for the second seed is 117. I am I doing something wrong?
    8. Wildfire
      I have 2 seeds for a modest pokemon. I think my usual delays are between 610 to 620. I don't have a scynconizer so I used a stopwatch and marked down the times and everything.

      1. (MODEST, ability 0) 31/23/31/30/31/31 (Seed: 91060267 Frame: 789 Delay: 606) HP ELECTRIC 70

      2.(MODEST, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 52140289 Frame: 117 Delay: 640) HP DARK 70

      Inevitable put down these seeds for 1/J method. It doesn't matter which seed it is unless it is easier to hit a delay on one. Thanks.
    9. Wildfire
      If yahoo doesn't work could we just talk on smogon using my vm? I'm open on saturday or sunday to be tutored. I need help in getting a modest dialga. I know the seed I want, but I'm not sure how to get the delay or the time.
    10. KuyaJBoy
      Please use my HG FC. Also note that my HG FC has changed.
    11. KuyaJBoy
      Okay Ill be on in a few.
    12. Aqualead12
      Thanks again man, sorry that took a bit
    13. Aqualead12
      Hey man I actually found a Ttar I liked a bit better, could we trade for your Lugia instead?

      If so, I can get online within the next few minutes
    14. KuyaJBoy
      I'll be up for probably another hour or so.
    15. Eyelander
      Sure, going on Wifi now
    16. Aqualead12
      Jolly ScarfTar 31/31/31/x/31/31 for MattJ's Azelf, yes?

      I'll do this. Let me know when you can trade
    17. Eyelander
      Sure, LMK when you're free, and what your FC is
    18. NixHex
      yeah just looked at it. Congrats! I'm working on mine still... it's posted but it's pretty barren, check it out in my sig.
    19. KuyaJBoy
      Oh also I finally put up my trade thread. Check it out!
    20. KuyaJBoy
      Okay. Tonight is fine. VM me when you're on.
    21. zahir
      You didnt reply to my last PM, everything alright?
    22. KuyaJBoy
      Are you cloning through GTS? That method really scares me.
    23. KuyaJBoy
      I can't right now. I'm trying to RNG Latias and currently in the E4. I'll get back to you in about 30min or so.
    24. Sekundes
      Hey, are you still interested in tutoring me? I sent you a PM and haven't gotten a reply back
    25. KuyaJBoy
      Not yet lol, but I'm getting there. My brother is making the banners and it should be up soon.
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    Nov 8, 1986 (Age: 28)
    Ill-gotten badges
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    Richard Nixon
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    Thoroughly cunning
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