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May 26, 2017 at 1:09 AM
Oct 6, 2009
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Can't beat stupid. Jul 6, 2013

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May 26, 2017 at 1:09 AM
    1. Waltz
      Lol, how old do I sound, I wonder? My mom says I got a little-girl voice x3
      Thanks for cloning my Snover and for the lovely Leafeon =DD
      You are welcome to have anything free on my thread in the future ^^
    2. Waltz
      Alright, sounds good ^^
      Like I said before though, I'll need a clone of Snover.
    3. Waltz
      Well, I'd expect so! That's a really good Leafeon~! =D
      Thank you, I'll get you Snover ready ^^
    4. Waltz
      How about your Jolly Leafeon? ^^
    5. Waltz
      Oh shoot, so sorry, totally slipped my mind! DX
      Yeah, let me go check your thread real quick =D
    6. Waltz
      That sounds good ^^
      Want me to pick something from your thread? Snover is not distributable, however.
    7. Waltz
      On that Abomasnow? Not sure, haven't checked. Odds are, not great XD My friend wanted to do a makeshift team battle, so, thats the only reason why he's there.
      I do, however, have a UT female Snover with leech seed that has the following IVs, and can EV upon request: x/31/30/31/30/31
    8. Waltz
      Lol, it's fine XD

      Thanks for the trade! I adore Articuno ^^
      And you wanted Abomasnow, right?
    9. Waltz
      Oho, oops XD
      Anyway, registered ^^
      I'll meet you there in a bit.
    10. Waltz
      Oh darn, your FC is not in your signature D:
    11. Zari
      well, I know that's incorrect, because I've already hit the same seed twice in a row :/ I'm almost done on finding out the method for how it seeds (hours + delay incorporated, just have to add the minutes in), so yeah. It's definitely highly abusable, at least imo, since it seems to go through seeds at the standard 60fps. If you have irc, come on #smogonwifi so I can better discuss this with you. VMs are kind of cumbersome :/
    12. Waltz
      Alright, sounds good ^^
      I'm online as well, so just let me know.
    13. Zari
      I haven't been making progress per say, but I've been using what I have to do all sorts of research on old generation material. Currently I'm (attempting to) using it to deduce emerald SIDs based on TID and frame; the seed variable is entirely removed, since emerald always uses 0 as its seed. I've also been doing research on how R/S seeds, and I'm finding some stuff that relates to FR/LG; basically I'm modifying the program so it can be used for all of the old gen carts. It's a lengthy process, but I'm churning through it slowly. At this point I'm hoping that my work on the other games will shed some light on how FR/LG works, and I've found some correlations, but nothing substantial so far. Yeah...so that + getting XD has been taking up almost all of my time lol.
    14. Waltz
      Oho, wrong person, my bad XD
      However, I don't mind waiting. Do what you have to do, we can trade later ^^
    15. Waltz
      Thanks for the trade~! ^^
    16. Waltz
      Darn! I hope I didn't miss you!
      I'm free to trade right now, all I need is your FC.
      Mine is:0947-4452-7282
    17. x T x
      x T x
      Thanks again man. Really appreciate it. quick question have u started evin them? i just noticed the levels. either way it doesn't matter. I just figured i'd ask cause it may be less work for me =P
    18. x T x
      x T x
      alright awesome that works perfect because i was just goin to save the credit for later haha
    19. x T x
      x T x
      alright cool i'll add ur fc and hop on wifi now
    20. mingot
      thanks for helping to abate the shitstorm :)
    21. Vincento341
      I have to go so I can add our trade to pendings? My wifi is touchy too at the moment anyway.
    22. Vincento341
      Im not sure If I can trade at the moment. We may have to leave it to another time because I have to go soon. I can add our trade to pendings
    23. Vincento341
      Can you clone then? My scizor is my last copy so..
    24. Vincento341
      Yeah sure :) so 160 Attack IV's? And which of the 2 pokemon would you like?
    25. Vincento341
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