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Dec 17, 2013
Apr 19, 2010
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Dec 17, 2013
    1. acid_paradox
      Try changing the date on which you hit your seed. That usually works for me. Or try taking a break, I find coming back to an RNG later really helps ;) good luck
    2. Bakus
      Good luck on your RNG journey - I hope you get it soon ^_^
    3. Bakus
      I don't have experience in catching pokemons unfortunatey. Just breeding for now, lol.

      In any case, monsters in cave and monsters on grass both have a frame of 2, so nothing changes there. Erm...syncher can only cause problems methinks if you don't have it listed on time finder as you using a syncher methinks. I'm not totally sure though, so perhaps someone else could assist you better.

      I'm sorry.
    4. The Mole
      The Mole
      I don't understand how you mean :(
    5. Riski
      I did do it three times in five days. :-) I don't really have pointers. The guide already in the help thread covers pretty much all of it. If you know the PID of the pokemon you wish to generate, use that in Pandora's Box on RNG Reporter to generate a SID/OT combo. Make sure you check your seed for proper encounter slots. I have discovered that I did a SID/OT combo that didn't give me any decent fishing encounter slots for my modest spread. I am just now checking to see if a change in the SID/OT makes a difference to this. So you might want to use PokeRNG/RNGReporter on your desired SID/OT first before actually creating the game file to see if it has decent encounter slots. Other than that, you should read the guide and give me a VM if you get stuck on any step.
    6. black.arwing
      Okay, I'm going in too. You're welcome in advance :]
    7. black.arwing
      Ohh, okay. Sorry.
    8. black.arwing
      Okay. So the current one in your About Me is updated?
    9. black.arwing
      Sure. Is the FC in your About Me correct though?
    10. black.arwing
      Alrighty, use my SS FC. I'll meet you on shortly.
    11. Riski
      You pretty much have to just keep trying until you get a reasonably stable frame.
    12. Riski
      That would be great. :-)
    13. Riski
      All right. Perhaps I can help with the RNG.
    14. Riski
      Well, if you want to get it, use my HG FC, which recently changed since I now have my own DS.

      0646 9646 7196
    15. Riski
      Yes, I changed my name. :-) It matches my favourite OT.

      Did you want to get that shiny Ho-Oh now?
    16. Riski
      Hi, fella. I learned to RNG catch at last. I have a shiny Ho-Oh with a very decent IV spread because it turned out I had a really decent jolly spread for this particular SID/OT combo. I'd like you to have a copy. It's not redis, so don't give it to anyone after.

      I'm off to make supper soon, plus I'm stuck in front of a legendary just now, but whenever we're both on line later, we can get that over to your card if you want.

      If you want to see it's stats, it's on my thread.
    17. Riski
      Ah, sorry. I still don't know how to RNG for catching. :-(

      You know more than I do about this part of RNG.
    18. mingot
      be right there.
    19. mingot
      1419 9809 7161
    20. mingot
      yeah. lol. hour is 9 and not 21.

      keep tryin'.
    21. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Sorry, my wi-fi is down!
    22. Riski
      :-) I wish I could RNG catches. I'm still too much of a noob. I can hatch perfect pokes on DPPT ok, though.
    23. Riski
      Thank you for the shiny Ho-Oh. :-)
    24. Riski
      Ok, I'll change it on my list. See you in there.
    25. Riski
      3051 7477 9187

      Has yours changed since the last time we traded? I do have you in my list, but if you just gave a different FC, I won't see you.
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