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Aug 1, 2017
Nov 2, 2012
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Aug 1, 2017
    1. HSA
      yo we gotta play for home field, i'm gonna be available most of tomorrow / sunday - vm me if i'm on i guess
    2. Joeyboy
      hey we're paired for the home field tour, bw ou sound good?
    3. Mithril
      I'll be on after 5 PM PST if you can get on to play for Home Field, not sure what else I can do...
    4. Mithril
      Hey, we still need to play by tomorrow for Home Field Advantage, are you free at all this weekend?
    5. 6A9 Ace Matador
      6A9 Ace Matador
      hi, we need to battle for home field, do you have IRC? we'll be DPPing
    6. Mithril
      Hey, we are matched for week 4 of Home Field and I believe I'm home. Would you be up to play DPPt? If not I'll just go with BW2 OU. When are you available. I am personally free any time after 1 PM PST (GMT-8) any day this week, so just let me know when you are available.
    7. elodin
      I'm going to my grandmother's house this weekend so I won't be available as much as I was during the whole week. Please tell me in advance what times you'll be available so that I can negociate with my family my times in the computer.
    8. elodin
      Can you please tell me when you want to play and what tier will be? I need to get this done asap.
    9. elodin
      Sorry but I won't accept battling any other tier. I just suck at most of them so I'd rather stick with the 3 obligatory ones :|
    10. elodin
      Hey, we're paired up for this week of the Home Field Advantage Tournament. You're the home player, so please tell me soon which tier you wish to battle.
    11. MadBull
      I'm on PS now, will probably be there for an hour or so
    12. MadBull
      hey Wifi UU, Im waiting for you on PS's main chat
    13. HSA
      uh sometime this weekend would be cool to play

      i'd like to play dpp ubers and bw ubers if you can't play that
    14. MadBull
      that would be fine
    15. MadBull
      hey man, havent seen you on PS, can you propose an ideal time? we really have to play asap as we already are late due to circumstances (you being a sub)
    16. MadBull
      mine is GMT+1
    17. MadBull
      hello, we have to battle in Homefield, what is your timezone and tier of preference?
    18. Dubby
      Hey I subbed you in my tourney for Jack Frost.
    19. Dubby
      Because he and I both made a mistake, he was actually already in Group K to begin with but neither of us noticed it.
    20. Radli
      Hi, when would you like to play for "Stat Specialization Tournament II [Round 2]"? Also, Groudon`s Grotto or Smogon`s server on PS?
    21. NightFox
      We have to battle for the NU tournament. How about battle on this weekend? I'll be on between 3pm and 11pm GMT-4
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