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Not Ashley
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Nov 2, 2009
Aug 27, 2009
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Not Ashley

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Nov 2, 2009
    1. DarkLynx
      Just to remind you, you still have to giveaway your prizes to someone for free and post in the topic. I'll allow you to redis this until tomorrow, otherwise, I'll redis them myself and you'll be banned from my next giveaways.
    2. DarkLynx
      Just to remind you, you still have to giveaway your prize to someone for free and post in the topic.
    3. Harlequin Boy
      Harlequin Boy
      Did I ever get that Dusknoir to you?
    4. Cybertron
      Hey, I saw that you won something from DarkLynx's give away? Could I have the Suicune? I could repay you with something from my thread.
    5. Politoed666
      Hey there. Since you won two of DarkLynx's prizes, would you mind giving at least one to me since you have to redis each of them to at least one person? I'm still building up my thread, and one of those would be a big asset. I could give you something(s) nice! :] Let me know, thanks.
    6. DarkLynx
      I'm starting to giveaway the prizes now, post on the thread if you can recieve then now informing your FC and your ingame nick.
    7. Politoed666
      Does he have a Smogon username?
    8. Politoed666
      Alright, well who owns the Dittos?
    9. Politoed666
      Does megamonk own both the Dittos and the Registeel?
    10. Politoed666
      Alright, I've been under the impression that those two Dittos and the Registeel you gave me were redistributable. Now, I'm a little confused. Can you clarify and tell me who I can contact if I'd like redis rights?
    11. Tsubasa-kun
      hey man, lets try trade again : D

      i'm online. use my pearl FC please.
    12. Flora
      Heya, ready to get on Wi-Fi now?
    13. megamonk4
      Actually, you did my job for me, thanks for getting the regirock removed.
    14. megamonk4
      Since we no longer do business anymore...
    15. megamonk4
      Thanks, but the situation has been taken care of already. He removed it from his thread and I blacklisted him onto my trade thread.

      The regirock he has obtained from me when I traded for his HG/SS Krabby. I may request that he takes it off as well and tell him that I won't be distributing his pokes
    16. megamonk4
      Hey Not Ashley, I'm not blaming you or anything. Just giving you a heads up that eppie DID put my registeel in his trade thread after I had already warned him.
    17. Eppie
      I meant, for the timid darkrai ofcourse ;)
    18. Eppie
      Im online, will wait for u with the timid darkrai :)

      thx !!
    19. gamer22
      okey i need a clone back now
    20. gamer22
      ill do a quick trade with you then ill get back with cybertron
    21. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Hello your one of the winner of my Eevee giveaway! If you have time to trade please contact me when Im online via PM or comments in my comment section thank you!
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