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Feb 7, 2011
Dec 17, 2009
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from Texas

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Feb 7, 2011
    1. ShravanP
      Let's play Sunday.
    2. ShravanP
      No problem, btw. I've been pretty damn busy too. :)
    3. ShravanP
      Hey can we start in about 30 mins? i need to shower and start my laundry. If that's tough, then yeah let's play sunday.
    4. ShravanP
      Hey, I'm ready for our Chess match whenever you are. What timezone are you from, and what times are you free? I'm from PST (GMT -8), and I'm free generally in the evening time. Weekends are preferred :)
    5. Solstice
      Sure, how's Yahoo on the Social Lounge 15 server? I should be the only person on there
    6. bluewooper
      Oh, and another thing:
      - Breloom is quite threatening, as some pokemon will have to take the Sleep, and then Bring in Skarmory to wall.
      - NP Ape . . . Needs to be revenged with Tentacruel, which I would consider switching into a Starmie.

      Can we meet up sometime soon?
    7. bluewooper
      I'm done laddering for the night, but I would like to share a few notes:
      - Love the Jirachi ^_^
      - Paralyzed pokemon is key
      - Mixmence can be worked around, but its tough
      - Tentacruel is not working
    8. bluewooper
      By the way, what CRE (Standard) do you have? It isn't really important, I just want to know.
    9. bluewooper
      What is your CAP Shoddy Name? I'm Bluewoopers. I wanted to tryout a new Spin Blocker, Specs Rotom-W.
    10. bluewooper
      Toxic Spikes are fine. Can I meet you and CAP server?
    11. Notesalot
      sure, the only time I'm guaranteed to be on is anytime after 11:00pm EST. If i'm on, i'm always on #pokedraft.

      As for the RMT, we can already formulate some base ideas. I'd like to use Toxic Spikes somewhere, and if possible I'd like to experiment with TormentTran.
    12. bluewooper
      Wanna chat about our Joint RMT on CAP sometime? I can't do it this weekend. Contact me.
    13. xadow
      D: I've been pretty busy... but I'll be free tonight at around 9 est if you have time then. If not, anytime after the 11th would be good.
    14. bluewooper
      can we talk in some unused Server? If I recall correctly, "Donner's Corner" is always empty. I can't do it this weekend. How about sometime Wednesday? I am GMT -5.
    15. bluewooper
      You still up for a RMT? I just finished a bad team. I was considering a Stallish/Bulky offense team. PM me.
    16. bluewooper
      Deal on the Joint RMT. I'll have to contact you later, Ill be busy for a few days.
    17. Lockeness
    18. Lockeness
      whatsup Note?
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    Don't email me for RMT's. I'm in the process of lurking and, quite frankly, I would probably give crappy advice.

    Check out my Heavy Synergy RMT: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66414


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    Sir Francis Drake
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